Looking Back

I'm thankful for blog posts that generate a lot interest. Even more than what I've written, baked, or photographed, the resulting conversation always fascinates me.

Here's a look back at some posts that seemed to inspire a lot of comments or have resulted in people continuing to find my blog who were not looking for it. My sitemeter gives some very interesting information.

This one, I thought might attract a bit of interest, others, like this and this, I did not.

Some posts have inspired more interest over time and keep adding more comments. Others rank high when they come up in Google searches.

This one
causes all sorts of people looking for some crazy sh*t to find my blog. I really am surprised when they actually stay and keep reading, considering what they were originally looking for.

This post was from right after Deval Patrick won the election last year.

One of my dining experiences resulted in these two posts. I did not hear back from the manager again, so there was no final resolution.

And this one was just kind of fun. I had a recent picture, so I tried it again. Another strange assortment of people, but interesting just the same.

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Nance said…
Oh, what happened to the Asian guy who came up the last time? LOL!
AVIANA said…

i have never done a celebrity look alike...im kinda scared to do it actually...i'm scared who they would say i look like....

I wonder if Reese Witherspoon and Tyra Banks think *they* look alike?

Great idea to link to some of your older stuff; I've enjoyed reading them :)
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - I'm just glad that I no longer look like Bing Crosby's twin! ; )

aviana - You can't take it too seriously, but it's still fun. ; )

sognatrice - I think they are mistaken for each other all the time and pretend to be twins! LOL! ; ) And glad you liked the older stuff! Thanks!

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