P B + J

Clean classic lines

simple nut protein

sweet black

raspberry preserved

old and familiar

freshly prepared

served on a dish

and what I can manage

for today.

Anali's First Amendment © 2006-2007. All rights reserved.

*Updated 10/2/09* You might also like this blog post called Through My Lens - The One With the PB&J.


Big Boys Oven said…
And yet still look beautiful and deliciously yummy!
karmic said…
Ahh the simple pleasures of life!
Suldog said…
You cut off the crusts? I'm slightly disappointed...

Good poem, though!
Asha said…
My son LOVES PB&J, can eat it for all 3 meals a day!:))
Looks yum, have a great weekend Anali.
CapCity said…
i'm w/ suldog - give me CRUST! lol! funny that as a kid i ate mayo sandwiches & didn't want crust on those!

have u tried other nut butters? i'm digging sunflower butter & almond now! but u can't go wrong w/ good ol' reliable p'nut! YUM!
Nina said…
aahhh...you trim your crusts. bad, anali, bad. I hope you're at least feeding the crusts to the birds :)
Cynthia said…
Nothing quite like a good PB & J. When I worked in advertising, I had my office hooked on this :)
Babz Rawls Ivy said…
I love to toast the bread so it warms the peanut butter and jelly..YUMMY FOR MY TUMMY--as my children would chant.
Lisa Johnson said…
big boys oven - Thank you!

sanjay - Sometimes the simple things can be the best!

suldog - I'm glad you like the poem! Sorry about the crust!

asha - You have a great weekend too! ; )

capcity - I haven't tried those other butters, but I plan to. I never heard of sunflower butter! I can't even imagine the flavor!

nina - LOL! In "real life" I do eat the crusts even though they aren't my favorite. For this picture, I wanted to see more angles, which I could only get by trimming the crusts. And no birds got that crust! I freeze the heels and unwanted bread scraps for bread pudding. ; )

cynthia - Somedays I get serious pb+j cravings!

lovebabz - That sounds yummy to me too! ; )
jac said…
You make me crazy, my mouth just whisper to me to "get it, get it".

What shall I do anali ?

amisha said…
i love, love this food poem! beautiful. simple. perfect.
Hey, you've got great presentation going on in that photo. It's hardly "just" pb & j. It's art!
Lisa Johnson said…
jac - I would upload it for you if I could! ; )

amisha - Thank you so much! Taking a reading break? ; )

bipolarlawyercook - And now you know the story behind it! ; )
Anonymous said…
Sometimes simple meals really are the best - delicious, nutritious and full of comfort. I love raspberry preserves. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)
Hey, you got your profile change to work. Looks good!
Lisa Johnson said…
ari - I guess this is a comfort food. I wasn't even thinking about that. It makes sense looking back at this week...

bipolarlawyercook - Thanks!
Tera said…
Yum! WITH crusts of course! :)
CapCity said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
CapCity said…
Let me try this again...i had to correct the links included:

Here are the brands of other butters that I like, Anali:
Sunflower Butter.
Almond Butter (they have others but I've only tried their Almond).

I prefer mine w/o sugars or honey cuz I like to taste the nut...don't go THERE;-). Sunflower has a "bite" that I like! I tried these because I learned that peanut is harder for the body to digest...but i still love it - just try to alternate with others, too!
suttonhoo said…
so comforting. so good.

I remember being dog tired after a big site launch, and going out to lunch with several colleagues. the menu was loaded with intricate, delicious dishes, but I ordered up exactly what I needed: grilled cheese with tomato. perfection.
Lisa Johnson said…
tera - Of course! ; )

capcity - Thanks for the links. I'm really curious and will have to try these now!

suttonhoo - Thank you! It's interesting how everyone so relates to this comfort food in such a big way. Sometimes it's just the simple things that we need.
Mosilager said…
now i'm hungry... didn't even need the picture, your poem did it all. Wonderful!
Lisa Johnson said…
mosilager - Thank you! ; )
Lotus Reads said…
What mosilager said, your wonderful poem was enough to get me drooling over my favorite sandwich.
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - LOL! Thank you so much! ; )
Very cute. You should definitely write (and post!) more poetry inspired by photos :)
Lisa Johnson said…
sognatrice - Thanks! I just have to see something that inspires me. Hopefully soon! ; )

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