Congratulations Deval Patrick!!

It is almost 2:00 am and I'm really sleepy right now, so I hope I don't realize that this post is completey incoherent tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I was at the Hynes Convention Center to celebrate with all the Patrick supporters. It was truly amazing. I am really happy and proud to have been a volunteer for his campaign and a Delegate for him at the convention. This night was the culmination of a lot of hopes and dreams.


Margie said…
So very, very glad!
You must be so thrilled!
we got back the house...maybe the senate too!


P.S It's only a little after 1:00 am here, but staying up this late has been worth it!
Anonymous said…

A resounding victory, and a mandate for change.

I'm lovin' it this morning, depite the rain.
Anonymous said…
woo hoo! great work.
wheresmymind said…
It truly is a great day for the commonwealth...though I'm SUPER pissed #1 didn't pass!


I heard about Patrick's win this morning on NPR and I knew I had to drop by at your blog today!

Way to go!!!!
Hey, congratulations. Did you win convincingly.

And what is so despicable about Bush?
Nance said…

WE WENT BLUE!!! OHIO'S GOV. IS BLUE, SEN. IS BLUE, HOUSERS LARGELY BLUE. I can breathe. Let's take that Senate, girl!!!

Even my blog went blue...LOL.
Lisa Johnson said…
samuru999 - We won it all!!!

gunfighter - I agree, even with the rain, it was warm and just beautiful today. Things are looking up!

suttonhoo - What a night!

wheresmymind - I was shocked it didn't pass! Also, I would have thought #3 would pass too. I guess ya never know.

the thinking black man - Thank you! It's so exciting. I have faith in the American voters again!

something from me - It was a decisive win all around for the Democrats!

And for Bush? I'm tired. It's too long of a list and I just want to think about the joy of the win for now.

nance - We're blue all over! Sometimes life is really good!
Margie said…
Hi Anali
Yes, sometimes life is really good!
Take care!

Anonymous said…
When I woke up this morning and saw in the Times that Patrick had won I immediately thought of you, and felt immediately hopeful, and grateful for people like you, whose enthusiasm drove this election. I also wondered what kind of hangover you'd have today. Whatever it is, it's worth it.
Keshi said…
yeyyyyyyyyyy to all of ya!

Anonymous said… was a great night
che said…
Democrats wrest control of both Houses . Yehey .
So So Simple said…
Good work Anali
You must be thrilled
Interestingly in NZ
The Labour Party is Red
and The National Party (conservative) is blue
How bout that
Jeseem said…
Guess u r out celebrating.
and most sane minded people r too, if not celebrating atleast relieved
Lisa Johnson said…
samuru999 - You take care too Margie!

lisa - Thanks for thinking of me! It's been so exciting! No hangover though. : ) Just sleepy.

keshi - Welcome! Isn't it wonderful??

anonymous - Thanks! It sure was.

nike - Finally!!

so simple - Thanks! Change is coming! Interesting how the colors are reversed.

jeseem - I have celebrated and now I am relieved. But they don't actually take power until January, so we have to wait a bit.
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

A little late but congrats! Great to see your contributions and efforts pay off ...

My state, VA, finished up the wine world we call that a nice finish!

Happy Sipping!

Lisa Johnson said…
dezel - Thanks! It certainly was a nice finish. ;)
Jeseem said…
hey, if they hav a term of 4 years, doesn't it mean celebration of atleast 4 days ( 1 day for each year :P )
Lisa Johnson said…
jeseem - You're right! What was I thinking? : )

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