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I've been tagged by Vasilisa to give 6 Weird Food Facts About Me and I was tagged by Karrie to do another Foodie Meme. As usual, I've combined the two. Here are my answers to both!

What’s your #1 comfort food?

It depends on the season and what mood I’m in. If it’s freezing cold and snowing out, then something warm like hot chocolate, my mom’s macaroni & cheese, a cheese omelet. Wait! I’m seeing a pattern, cheese is a definite comfort food. I love bread… Okay, cheese,chocolate and bread. They make me happy any season.

Oh, and I love pudding! Rice, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, tapioca. Yum! I love the texture. I hate when cereal gets soggy. I cannot eat cereals like frosted flakes; they wilt too fast. That is the worst feeling. I need cereals that are sturdy and will hold up in milk, but I like creamy hot cereals like oatmeal and grits.

If you were on a deserted island, what one food would you want to have with you?

I’m having a hard time with the suspension of reality thing. I need fresh clean water. Hmmm… Bread would be good and it would keep for a little while. I need some quick protein, maybe some nuts and raisins. I think I’m basically saying granola. Yup, that would be good.

What is/are your signature dishes? (What dishes are you ‘known’ for?)
Gingerbread is my big one. Also, scones and biscotti. My family likes my salads too.

It’s Friday night, you don’t know what to cook. You opt for…

It depends what I have in the house. Sometimes I make breakfast for dinner, an omelet with cheese and vegetables. I might have oatmeal or peanut butter toast.

What’s your biggest weakness when it comes to food?

I love bread and desserts. More baked goods I guess. I’m not a big candy person, except for dark chocolate. I also have a strange love for brussel sprouts. Most people don’t like them, but I could eat a ton!

What food can you absolutely not eat?

I’m quasi-vegi. The best way to explain is that I don’t eat any mammals. I eat poultry and seafood. Even though I like seafood, I don’t eat sushi. The raw food thing I cannot handle. It’s the thought of all the germs and parasites. I can’t handle it.

I don’t like beets. When I was a kid, I confused beets with cranberry sauce. The expectation in my head and mouth for the sauce, but tasting the beets, was so horrifying that I’ve never quite gotten over it. Although if beets were the last vegetable on the planet, I would eat them for the nutrients.

You need a drink. You grab a…

During the day it would be water or juice. Maybe some decaf coffee. I very rarely drink soda. I don’t keep it home. If I’m cold I drink a hot drink and I'm always freezing. I drink coffee every morning. I’m addicted and have stopped fighting it.

What’s the most decadent dish you’ve had?

I’m not sure, but the most decadent and amazing meal that I’ve ever had was the Jazz Brunch at the Langham Hotel's Café Fleuri. ** Everyone must try this!

What’s your favorite type of food?

Seafood and Italian.

Favorite dish?

I can’t pick one, but I do have a random weird food fact. I like tuna sandwiches, but when I make tuna, I use very little mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip) and I prefer a little black pepper, chopped onions and a lot of relish. Without the relish, I’d rather not eat it. In my family, the relish is a big thing with tuna. Relish and vinegar are key ingredients in potato salad also. The tart sweet thing is crucial.

If your partner could take you to any restaurant you wanted, which one would it be?

I’d like to go to The Wine Cellar in the Back Bay. It’s a fondue and wine restaurant and sounds heavenly. It has all my favorite comfort foods! Every time I was supposed to go with some friends, it’s never worked out and we ended up going somewhere else. I really want to go!

Are you a soup or salad person?

Soup in the winter. Salad in the summer.

Buffet, take-out or sit-down restaurant?

**Glaring contradiction warning !! I just noticed this.**

Public buffets gross me out. Unless I’m the first person there, I feel like everyone has breathed on the food, coughed, sneezed, and touched it. It’s just a big display of germs and bacteria. At someone’s house it’s fine. Take-out is okay, but I prefer sit-down restaurants.

What’s the most impressive dinner you’ve ever made?
Not sure.

Do you consider yourself a good cook?


Do you know what vichyssoise is?

Yes, because I stole Karrie’s answer! A cold soup with leeks, cream and potatoes.

Who’s your favorite TV cook?

I have none now. I used to really like Amy Coleman from the PBS show “Home Cooking With Amy Coleman.” I actually met her!

There was a food expo in Boston at the World Trade Center. They had all sorts of cooking demonstrations and free food. It was a blast! My friend had free tickets from work and brought me. Amy had a cookbook that she was selling and signing. It’s called “The Best Of Home Cooking With Amy Coleman.”
My friend bought the book and we were standing in line waiting for her to sign it. Amy was so nice! She talked to both my friend and I. I told her I loved her show, which I did. I never missed it! Again, I couldn’t justify buying the book at the time. Seems like the story of my life... Anyway, Amy gave me the cookbook and signed it too! She wrote “Thanks for coming to see me – Stay tuned in.” And she drew a smiley face! I’ll have to make something from this cookbook for a post.

Can you name at least three TV cooking personalities?

I haven’t had cable for almost five years and I don’t get to watch the cooking shows on PBS very often anymore either. I do like Mary Ann Esposito and I’ll watch Martha Stewart every now and then. Oh, and I used to love a show about cooking with B. Smith.

Homemade or homemade from a box?


Name 3 or more other foodies you are going to tag.

Anyone who wants to take this up, consider yourself tagged.


Peter N said…
Do I get a question? And the chance to answer? Take care, and as always, I love reading you!
Unknown said…
Oh yummmmmy, mac and cheese. It is the best! I even like the boxed kind.
amisha said…
i am with you on cheese, chocolate, and bread! yum.
FH said…
Hi Anali.Great MeMe. I am with you there,I love dark chocolate too, bitter the better!!;D
Lisa Johnson said…
peter n - Consider yourself tagged! Just answer the same questions in a post on your blog.

angela in europe - I admit, in a pinch, the boxed is good too! ; )

amisha - Great minds think alike! : )

asha - I agree about the bitterness! It's more chocolaty and pure that way.
Lotus Reads said…
Anali, I really enjoyed reading your meme. Wish I could enjoy brussel sprouts...I think I dislike them so much because most of us tend to overcook them. I'm going to have to try them again to see if I can bring myself to like them! :)
starry said…
Anali..so many interesting food facts. I love breads and desserts too. don't like sushi and Public Buffets. I think I am more of a salad person.
Suldog said…
Some very interesting and fun answers there. I'm a pudding person, too. I think it goes back to my childhood, when my Mom would make puddings on the stove and it seemed as though I had to wait FOREVER for them to cool and be ready to eat.

(Also, little bit of extremely useless trivia: MY WIFE's last name translates to "pudding" in Japanese. True. She worked with a number of Japanese folks at one of her jobs and they would always giggle when she said her full name.)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for playing! I knew you would have interesting answers for this meme. :)

I think I might be able to overcome my buffet squeamishness to try the Jazz Brunch. It sounds fantastic! and I'm sure a far cry from those "Country Buffet" places. *shudder*
Nance said…
anali--please tell me you are a bread pudding girl! it's the perfect dessert for you! i absolutely love it, and make it often. and i'm definitely with you on the brussels sprouts. i just wish they weren't so expensive fresh, because the frozen ones are no comparison. bread pudding is also the perfect improvisation vehicle for you, the princess of recipe adaptation.
Lisa Johnson said…
lotus reads - Thanks! But I'm not sure they are something you can grow to like. Tell me if it works. If you can do it, maybe I can learn to like beets!

starry nights - Love those carbs!

suldog - I remember the pudding on the stove!! The waiting was horrible, but oh what a nice treat when it was done. That is really funny about her name!

karrie - You're welcome and I'm glad it meets your approval! : )

It does have a non-buffet feel to it. Maybe because it's so big and spread out. Other places I'm sure the rotovirus is just hopping around with wild abandon!

nance - Oh I LOVE bread pudding! Remember the post that I did about it a few months ago? For some reason, I can't get the link right now, but I think if you click on the baking label you can find it.
karmic said…
Loved reading your list. Dagoba chocolate is good, usually find it at Trader Joe's.
Anali, thanks for the site visit-- I enjoyed your posts, too! I am definitely a brussels sprouts fan, especially with mustard and onions.

Also a fan of the Dagoba lavender, but for pure self indulgence, it's Black & Green's Almond Milk Chocolate bar for me. Hershey's only wishes it was ever that good!
Gingerbread, scones, and biscotti? My mom always makes all three when I visit home because they're some of my favorites! So how far of a drive would it be from my house to yours? ;)
Lisa Johnson said…
sanjay - I just finished the last of the chocolate today. It was wonderful!!

bipolarlawyercook - Welcome! The mustard and onions sounds good. I can imagine the tart and sweetness together. I may have to try that.

susan - Wow, what a coincidence! And it wouldn't be a long drive at all! : )
So So Simple said…
Hi Anali

Got a lot of catching up to do. I have been away yet again.

Like you I loooove brussel sprouts.
They make a divine soup. Have you tried it.
Lisa Johnson said…
so simple - Welcome back! I've never tried it in soup. Do you have a recipe?
So So Simple said…
Just about to go to the theatre will send it tomorrow.

Lisa Johnson said…
so simple - Thanks!
T. said…
How can I possibly be so behind on my blog rounds?! Great meme!

Here's a link to a recipe for a "brussel sprout and shallot saute with golden raisins and pine nuts" by one of my favorite medical-foodie bloggers. I've been trying to get organized and try it for a while but I never seem to have the ingredients in the house all at once! Let me know if you try it:
Lisa Johnson said…
t- Thanks for the link! I'll check it out. And you're not that behind, this is a really old post! : )

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