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 *Updated* 5/14/2016: Make sure to keep up with the life list on Anali's Next Amendment, my current blog!

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May 5, 2010: I'm so loving this writing process! I just found another new life list that was completed today.

One thing that this process is showing me is that I've already done a lot of cool things in my life. A few things I thought about writing down, then I realized that I've already done them! And a few things in other life lists that I've seen, I've already done too. I've had a pretty good life. This process brings out major feelings of gratitude!

Below are a couple that I already completed:
Went to a bar and orderd a martini shaken, not stirred.
Bought a hat and perfume in Paris.

May 6, 2010: The list is written. I'll cross them off as they're completed and they're a source for new material to blog about. Here goes! If anyone can help me to accomplish any of these, please let me know.

Life List – 100+ Things To Do

1. Attend a lilac festival.

2. Put up a blog post with my life list of 100+ things.

3. See this view while sitting on the longest porch in the world.

4. Have a cocktail named after me. Done! January 1, 2012.

5. Go to Italy.

6. Teach a class. Completed 10/16/2010! Taught a class on baking scones!

7. Spend the day at Brimfield and find something fun and rare, yet inexpensive.

8. Raise $1,000.00 for a charity. [Want to help with this one? Look here.]

9. Go on at least 3 picnics each summer.

10. Get a really nice camera. A Diana F+

11. Take a photography class. May 5, 2011

12. Visit Yemassee - Saint Helena, South Carolina, Low Country, birthplace of my paternal Grandmother, and go to a Gullah Festival to learn about my Gullah heritage.

13. Read passages from Walden while at Walden Pond.

14. Learn how to take pictures with bokeh.

15. Visit British Columbia.

16. Lead a tour.

17. Knit a sweater.

18. Do yoga on the beach somewhere outside of New England.

19. Eat lobster in Maine.

20. Fly a kite on my birthday.

21. Walk/run in a 5k race.

22. See a show at The Kennedy Center.

23. Go to the Mark Twain Awards.

24. Swim with dolphins.

25. Write a book.

26. Food shop at Haymarket with my mom.

27. Learn how to use a sewing machine and sew with the same ease that I can bake.

28. Visit Mystic, Connecticut.

29. Raise $5,000.00 for a charity.

30. Ride a horse.

31. Visit England.

32. Ride a Vespa.

33. Be involved with an important piece of legislation.

34. Photograph the Fort Hill Tower. July 15, 2011

35. Visit South Africa.

36. Walk/run in a 10k race.

37. See a play on Broadway.

38. Eat a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery.

39. Get travel/tourism freelance writing gigs. While I still want more and for places much farther away, I wrote two articles for AAA Horizons Magazine, so I accomplished my goal!

40. Go to an event in a new red dress.

41. Visit the NYC Public Library.

42. Go to a lighthouse. Also see #87 and #98. 8/23/2012. Did it again 9/2/2014.

43. Visit Ghana.

44. See a show at Lincoln Center.

45. Visit a vineyard on another continent that makes wine from Riesling and Muscat grapes.

46. Dance all night in a city I’ve never visited.

47. Have breakfast in Vermont.

48. Visit Botswana.

49. Gather fresh eggs and cook with them. 5/14/2016

50. Use a potting wheel to make something.

51. Finish my quilt.

52. Bake a soufflé.

53. Cook a full holiday turkey dinner.

54. Eat a mangosteen.

55. Buy a CSA share.

56. Make homemade Pop Tarts.

57. Make homemade Oreo Cookies.

58. Make homemade Graham Crackers. Baked 1/8/2011.

59. Make a Tres Leches cake.

60. Plan a public event.

61. Get a Moleskine notebook. I bought a red 2011 daily planner and mini notebook for my birthday! September 2010.

62. Re-visit France.

63. Hug an olive tree, just like the song.

64. Have a fondue party. Maybe like this one.

65. Celebrate New Year’s Eve on a beach vacation.

66. Live abroad for a month.

67. See a Shakespeare in the park performance.

68. On a spa vacation, get a different type of massage three days in a row.

69. Have a Thanksgiving barbecue.

70. Successfully grow lavender. (1/7/11) The New Year has me focusing on my real goals. I tried unsuccessfully several times to grow it. Oh well. It didn't work. I'm over it.

71. Bake a 4-layer cake.

72. Have a game party.

73. Read a poem in public for a happy event. With my new interpretation of this list, reading a passage from a book is just as good! 7/13/2015

74. Play racquetball.

75. Bake croissants from scratch. (1/7/11) I've decided that I have no desire to do this whatsoever anymore. It's too tedious! Let me just find good bakeries for these babies!

76. Give a truly great speech and not be nervous.

77. Publish a book of short stories.

78. Spend at least one summer living in a beach cottage.

79. Make significant progress researching my family tree.

80. Sip champagne on a balcony overlooking some place beautiful.

81. Visit 100 99 artist open studios.

82. Walk 50  48 different labyrinths.

83. Spend a weekend at the Trapp Family Lodge.

84. Visit Seattle, Washington.

85. Go snowshoeing, then sit in a comfy chair, and sip cocoa in front of a warm fire.

86. Visit Portland, Oregon.

87. Visit Block Island, Rhode Island.  August 2012

88. Grow herbs in a kitchen window.

89. Get a jump rope and start jumping!

90. Visit Bermuda and bring back pink sand in a glass bottle.

91. Listen to more Miles Davis.

92. Photograph 10 7 carousels.

93. Raise $10,000.00 for a charity.

94. Make pasta from scratch.

95. Make macarons from scratch.

96. Knit a sweater for someone as a gift.

97. Make a quilt and give to someone as a gift.

98. Meditate at least 3 times a week. August 2012

99. Live in a loft apartment at least once.

100. Each day, be thankful.

101. Visit 3 new beaches each summer. [Summer 2010: Old Silver Beach]

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