Introducing My New Camera: Diana F+

I mentioned before that I'd be getting a new camera at some point. Well, I got it!

The Diana F+ was pretty cheap, but should let me experiment a bit more with my photography. I haven't used it yet or read the book that came with it. But soon! Funny how I cannot NOT think of this song whenever I think of the name Diana. But I digress.

I bought it at Hunt's Photo & Video in Melrose. When I walked in the store, I knew that I wanted either a Holga or a Diana, but wasn't sure which one. The second I walked in the door, a friendly and knowledgeable sales consultant was right there to ask me if I needed help.

When I told him what I was considering, he mentioned that he was just talking about how he had never sold one of those cameras. So I told him, with a smile, that was about to change.

After I got the camera, he helped me find the right film and I was all set. Easy as pie with premade crust! Oh, and I also got a mini tripod, which I used for the first time taking these pictures.

So then last week I read this blog post about the power of a handwritten note and how even Mark Zuckerberg has his own personal stationery.

I agree. Who doesn't love getting a nice card or letter in the mail?

And what do you know? Within a couple of days, I received a handwritten thank you note from Hunt's Photo. I was really blown away. Now that's a classy establishment.

While, this camera isn't an expensive one, for the purposes of #10 on my life list, and my current budget, I'm going to consider it a really nice camera. Check!

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Jessica Vescera said…
I have one! It takes practice, but you're going to have a blast with it. Make sure to scan some shots in.
Lisa Johnson said…
jessica vescera - Thanks for stopping by! I'm so excited to use it and luckily I do have a scanner, so I can share the pictures here. Now to get used to loading film again. : )

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