New Bedford's Buttonwood Park Zoo + Farm

Until this summer, I didn't know that New Bedford had its own zoo. Well, now I know better after visiting while on a writing assignment. 

Buttonwood Park Zoo is not only a zoo, but it has a farm within the zoo. And it's known as one of the finest small zoos in the United States.

For those of you who are AAA members living in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island, you can see the article that I wrote about it in AAA Horizons Magazine September 2011 issue for the In Your Backyard column.  It should be arriving in the mail soon, although I haven't received mine at home yet.

Also, if you live in one of these areas, you can see the article online here. AAA publications seem to be regional, so if you click on the link and don't put in the correct zip code, then you'll just get a map and it won't bring you to the article. 

Look at this free-range chicken! There's also a carousel and a zoo choo choo!

I had a wonderful time walking around the zoo, seeing the animals, and learning about the zoo's rescued animals and conservation mission.

New Bedford is not too far from the Boston area and the zoo is a great place for a day trip.

As a matter of fact, I went back to New Bedford a few weeks later for a similar writing assignment. I'll let you know when the next article is published!

*9/1/2011 Updated* Today I realized that the AAA Horizons Magazines are somewhat different for each county. My article is found in the Bristol Horizons AAA Southern New England.

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