Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wanna bake with me in Brookline?

I have some exciting news! I'll be teaching two baking classes for Brookline Adult + Community Education!

You know I love scones and single layer cakes. ♥ And I love talking about baking and trying different ingredients. ♥

If you or anyone you know is interested, please join me for one or both of these classes. I'm not sure if anyone has signed up yet, but there is probably still room. I hope to see you there! Below is some information with links.

Scrumptious Scones: Saturday, October 16, 2010, 10am - 1pm.

Single Layer Cakes: Saturday, October 30, 2010, 10am - 1pm.  

*Updated 10/30/2010* Unfortunately, the single layer cake class was cancelled. However, the scone class was wonderful!

* * *

This post requires a life list update too! #6 is to teach a class. I'm on my way! I did it!

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josephine said...

that's so cool! have you taught before? i wonder if it will be something that you'll really enjoy :)

Tracy said...

WOOOW, Anali! This is tremendously FUN & EXCITING! I love single layer cakes--never enough recipes for those. Now if only I weren't soooo far away... ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS)

Se'lah said...

you go girl!

very exciting opportunities coming your way. this is wonderful.

one love.

Tera said...

Anali that is wonderful! I truly hope that you enjoy it!!! This post also reminds me...I have never had a scone...I would like to try it :-)

El said...

Congratulations! Sounds fantastic. I bet it will be a great class!

Suldog said...

That's very cool, Anali. I've often thought of becoming an instructor in one of the various skills I've picked up during life (bass guitar, voice-overs, card counting?) but have never really explored the possibility. Is there pay involved?

starry said...

This is so exciting Anali.good for you.wish I could have been there.maybe when you come to Los Angeles and give a class or two.Congrats!

Anali said...

josephine - I never taught before, but I'm sure that I'll enjoy it! I created the classes!

tracy - Did you click on the links? You'll recognize one of the recipes. : )

se'lah - Thank you!

tera - Hey there! I hope you've had a scone since I wrote up this post! ; )

el - Thanks for the sweet words as usual! :D

suldog - Check out their website to look at the types of classes. Creating the class that you want to teach and writing up the proposal takes a bit of time, but so do most good things. And yes, instructors are paid for teaching.

starry - Sure! I'll teach a class or 5 if someone brings me out to LA! ; )

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