Happy Father's Day!

This card arrived in the mail on Thursday from my father.

Am I a lucky daughter or what?

Almost Father's Day and he sends me a card!

I recently read a blog post called The Father Lottery and I would say that I hit the jackpot!

The older I get, the more grateful I am for both my parents. Both of them have been so encouraging to me.

From when I decided to quit my job to attend law school, to more recently when I found my love for blogging and started to pursue freelance writing.

Since I was a very young child, I always knew I wanted to be a writer. I didn't quite know how to go about it and it took some time to get the guts to even try. But now I have the guts and I'm trying. Over these many years, I've always had the support of my parents (others too) and that is helping me to be brave.

My father gave me a book called Go For It! A Celebration of Your Dreams, which I love! I have it on my desk and look at it whenever I need a confidence boost.

So often we read about the relationships between parents and their children, but the focus is more on when they are younger, not as much about when they both get older. That bond is just as important as the years go by.

I just read an article written by a father to his daughter called To My Daughter Upon Graduating From High School. Below is an excerpt that I really like.
Your voice is your perspective and outlook on life; it is your style when communicating to the world. It takes time to develop in most of us. Hence, my expectations and hopes that you will fail. Eventually, if you listen to your inner voice, develop it and are truthful and authentic, you will find the group or groups you were meant to lead, the ones you truly connect with.

Failure – true failure – isn’t the lack of success. It’s the inability to start. Some like to view this starting point as a leap of faith. But faith has nothing to do with it. Faith is pretending to know something you don’t know. You won’t need to pretend. The knowledge is yours; it is in you already. You will only need to trust yourself.
I think what the writer of that article, Jack McDaniel, was saying to his daughter is similar to what many fathers may want to say to their daughters. These are also things that I am learning myself.

To be bold and pursue what you want in this life.

Seek inspiration from others and try things out. A little project can turn into something bigger than you might expect. But you can stop. As Lisa Williams said, "You don't need to do it forever. All movies and pieces of music end. That doesn't make them failures." 

Like Gandhi, look at life as a series of experiments. 

Take risks and per Brotip #220, "Never be afraid to risk looking stupid in order to do something awesome."

While my father isn't on the internet much, this post is dedicated to him.

Happy Father's Day Daddy! Thank you for always being there for me to depend on and giving me the tools to try and be my best. I love you more than words can say!

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