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Monday, April 18, 2011

On Taking Risks

"Never be afraid to risk looking stupid in order to do something awesome."

~ Brotip #220

When I decided to try a public fundraiser for an organization that I strongly believe in, I feared looking badly if I didn't succeed. What if nobody will support me?

But then I thought about similar experiences in my life where I had a chance to do something good. I decided that the end goal was more important than my ego.

I've never regretted a decision to step out of my comfort zone for something greater than myself. Honestly, I'm still nervous about the outcome. But I have to try. This organization really needs the money. If I can possibly do something to help, how can I not at least try?

"Never be afraid to risk looking stupid in order to do something awesome."

I'm holding tightly to the words in this quote a little more each day.

"Never be afraid to risk looking stupid in order to do something awesome."

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josephine said...

Go for it, Lisa!

Lisa said...

Thanks Josephine! ; )

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