Sunset Scenes on Wollaston Beach

A friend and I were walking on Wollaston Beach a week ago. One of the really hot 90+ plus muggy days. The sun was starting to set and it was just perfect.
From these pictures, you can't tell all the hustle and bustle across the street. There is a strip where the cars drive back and forth. Plus there are clam shacks. Maybe a couple of them are new. Also, it looked like a new ice cream place.

Further investigation is required. I'll take pictures of the business side of the beach next time.
The buildings in the background are in downtown Boston, which is just about five miles away. I love having a beach so close to home and just generally living on the coast.

Being surrounded by water is such a beautiful thing. Unless you're stranded on an island or trapped on a cruise ship. But I digress. : )
Speaking of sunsets. Remember the movies, Before Sunset and Before Sunrise? The third in the trilogy, Before Midnight is out now! Have you seen it? I definitely will. Maybe not in a theater though.

After it comes out on DVD, I'd like to watch it in a movie marathon with the previous two. Perfect for a snowed in winter weekend. Luckily, the rain finally stopped here and the clearing has begun. This weekend will be nothing but summer sun!


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Chris O said…
Also forgot to mention I love the pics of the beach. Growing up I used to live about 20 mins. from the beach and would spend a lot of time there usually early in the a.m. before the summer tourists would arrive. I still love the beach but after the tourists have left for the season. I don't get to the beach as often as I'd like.
Lisa Johnson said…
chris - Thank you! I live just a five minute drive away and even I don't make it there as much as I'd like. The business of life often gets in the way. Maybe this year I'll make it a few more times. Hopefully to some new beaches too!

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