Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scene From A Staycation

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Holiday. G and I stayed pretty close to home. I guess we had an urban staycation.

We sat out by Wollaston Beach for a little while and enjoyed the sun. Finally summer weather in the 80's! I love how you can see the Boston skyline from Wollaston Beach. There was a flock of seagulls circling around us at one point. I tried to take a picture of all of them in motion, but only captured one.

It's looking like any time off this summer will be a staycation, so I'll have a few chances to get them again.

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Nance said...

I had a staycation also. On busy travel weekends, I prefer it. We finally had a warm day,too, but today it's back to the refrigerator for us in NE Ohio. We topped out at 55. Brrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Nice Photo! I have never visited Boston and would love more city photos, if you have some on hand. With the cost of travel peaking near astronomical I may never get there.

Hot and Bothered in New Orleans;

CapCity said...

StayCation - i LUV it! i decided i needed a staycation, too! How r u, Sistah Anali? i'm great! I've obtained full time employment 2 start in july so i'm TICKLED PINK;-). if they ever send me to a conference in boston i'm looking forward to meeting u!

Asha said...

Yeah, we did the staycation too, A was on call! But did go see Indy and shopping!
We will be off vacay in July though!:)

Los Angelista said...

Staycation is a great term! That's what we had as well. We didn't even cook out, which is a first! But we're making up for it this weekend by driving up the coast to Santa Barbara on Friday. There were some hot deals at some of the cheap-o hotels up there and so it'll be a little late spring "fling" for us.

Love the picture as well. The layers of clouds in the sky are so poetic looking.

David Sullivan said...

My mother and aunt used to take us to Wolloston Beach in the evening during the summer. The sea breeze made it at least 10 degrees cooler that over in Hyde Park.

Anali said...

nance - Sometimes staycations are the most relaxing of all, because there's no recovering from the travel. I hope it's warm there again. I think i's going to be in the high 70's here today.

anonymous - Welcome! I have lots of photographs here. If you check the archives and click on labels titled Boston, photography, etc.

Look at the right sidebar where it says "Find Me Here too" and you can click on these links to see more photos. Also, if you scroll down to the very bottom of this blog, you can link to my flickr account. Enjoy!

capcity - Congratulations on your new job Cap! I'm so happy for you! I'd love to come down to NYC and meet you. Or maybe we could meet halfway in Connecticut? : )

Anali said...

asha - Staycations were pretty popular this holiday! I'm sure it will be really fun to get away in July though. : )

los angelista - Santa Barbara sounds fun! I'd like to visit there. I've been to California three times, but have still seen so little of it. The same with Florida. Such big states!

david sullivan - It is nice and breezy there. And I think they trucked in some new clean sand. It looked good!

Suldog said...

I have lots of history with Wollaston Beach. There used to be the bowladrome across the street, and I won some tournaments there. I had a band that played at The Beachcomber a couple of nights. And, of course, many a semi-inebriated journey to get clams and scallops at the Clam Box. Mostly gone now. Too bad.

Jennifer H said...

What a great photo. I miss the beaches in the East. (I lived in CT for 10 years)

I love "staycation." We do a lot of those. I'm hoping for a vacation later in the summer.

Thanks for stopping by my place and for your comment!

Nina said...

I spent Memorial Day sick and helping my husband clean out the garage. Ate Burger King for dinner. It sucked!

I've been away for a while and am wondering what I've missed...who is this "G"? A new love interest :)

Anali said...

suldog - It is a pretty classic place in these parts! I didn't get to the Clam Box last summer, but I'll have to this one.

jennifer h - Welcome! I've been meaning to go to Mystic, CT for years now. I hear it's such a nice place. Enjoy all your 'cations this summer! ; )

nina - Hopefully your 4th of July will be better! Yes, G is my boyfriend. : )

amisha said...

so glad you enjoyed the stay-cation! that photo is stunning. thinking of you!

Anali said...

amisha - Thank you!

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