February 11, 1958 ~ Ruth Carol Taylor Made Travel History

On this blog, I've written a few times about how race has impacted travel in this country. The painting of black Pan Am stewardess was a piece of art that I really enjoyed seeing at a pop-up restaurant. Even if it was an imagined moment.

While on Pinterest a few weeks ago, I learned some more travel history. On February 11, 1958, Ruth Carol Taylor became the first black stewardess on a flight aboard Mohawk Airlines. The flight was from Ithaca to New York City. As an aside, I also found a local connection. She was born in Boston!

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum provides the requirements for stewardesses back in the day. You needed to be:
  • Attractive (just below Hollywood standards, with plenty of personality and poise)
  • Female
  • Single (not divorced, separated, or widowed)
  • White
  • 21 - 26 years old
  • Registered nurse or two years of college
  • Height of 5' 2" - 5' 6"
  • Weight of no more than 135 pounds
Taylor, now known as Carol Taylor, is still going strong and just turned 82 back in December. She was recognized by New York's Legislature in 2009.

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