Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pharmacie: A New Pop Up Restaurant by Wheeler del Torro

A few weeks ago, G and I attended a special pop up dinner hosted by Wheeler del Torro. The event gave us an idea of what it's like to attend one of his pop up dinner parties. His latest pop up venture called Pharmacie starts tonight. I've written about him before when I had the chance to try his vegan ice cream.

You'll be treated to many plates filled with plenty of deliciousness. Plus what an eclectic group of people you'll end up meeting!

Besides the great food and company, I was completely taken by the art work. It's fun and different and meaningful. See this picture below?

Remember the show Pan Am? I watched it a couple of times, but didn't really like it. But the show made me think about the reality of travel and that time period. You most likely would not find a black stewardess back then. Based on this picture, not many passengers were black either.

My mom talked about this with me. How she would have loved to have been a stewardess, so she could travel and see the world. But it was an opportunity that was not available to her or to black women generally.

A Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum exhibit called America by Air has a special section about the requirements for stewardesses in the 1950's. Being white was a requirement.

This picture of the black Pan Am stewardess was specially commissioned by del Torro. I just love it! A beautifully imagined moment in time. The art in the restaurant space is rotating, but all the pieces have a similar theme around travel in that time period. He said that people have commented about it and some didn't like it. Well, you can't please everybody.

But del Torro makes his living making great food for people all across the globe, many who are quite famous, so I think he's definitely got quite a lot figured out. Plus he has a new book coming soon too. Can't wait to learn more!

If you're interested in attending one of del Torro's pop ups or if you'd like to have a private event, please contact Rayna.

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Disclosure: Dinner for two was provided complimentary by Wheeler del Torro. Thank you!

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dmarks said...

"A Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum exhibit called America by Air has a special section about the requirements for stewardesses in the 1950's. Being white was a requirement."

If Pan-Am were around now, I'd support them being sued to pieces by African-Americans turned down for that job. Alas, they are bankrupt and gone for other reasons.

Lisa Johnson said...

dmarks - Hey stranger! Good to see you! I agree about the lawsuit. Sadly, Pan Am wasn't the exception in that regard. It was standard in so many places. In the 1950's, segregation was the norm and the law of the land in many states. It wasn't until 1964, with some exceptions, that blacks were able to sue when discriminated against in employment or public accomodations.

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