Passengers on a Pan Am Boeing 307

I had to share this photo! What a cool looking shot. How travel has changed. My last flight I had to pay $8.00 for a very unappetizing breakfast. Sometimes food really is only fuel. That was one of the times.

Travel looks like luxury here. I guess it still is if you can pay for it. But then again, as I look more closely at this black and white photo and see the lack of black, I don't know that even if I had the money I would have been let aboard a flight like this. Sometimes really looking at the "good old days" makes you think about what is really good.

Travel is a lot about where you will be welcomed. It makes me very excited to hear about American Airlines' new website and community Black Atlas, which is supposed to debut today.

For those of you who read this post when it was first published, you may have noticed a few changes. I keep adding new thoughts. Well, at least one more. I keep thinking about the idea of diversity and inclusion. So many companies claim to have diversity policies and that they promote tolerance. I keep thinking about the idea of tolerance and how different that is from welcoming. Welcoming. It's a very simple word, but a hard action to do if it's not sincere. Companies that state that they promote diversity and inclusion are you tolerating those new hires or welcoming them?

Being merely tolerated is actually pretty awful. We all want to be welcomed.

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Parisbreakfasts said…
Well said Anali.
I thought a lot about that in Paris at the fashion shows. There were black models at the Salon du Chocolat show (I will show it soon) and they were the BEST in every way.
I look for diversity in Paris and I am sometimes happily surprised.
Wake up World!!
Lisa Johnson said…
parisbreakfasts - That's good to hear Carol. Especially, after reading about French Vogue's October issue with a model in blackface. Unbelievable! See the link below.

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