Your Views on Obama's Team - Poll Results

Well, I would say that my recent poll on President-elect Obama's choices for his team was quite a success.

Yahoo! News helped again giving this blog around 1,200 visitors that day. 534 of you have voted so far, which is a pretty good percentage. See the questions and answers below. Photo via flickr.

How do you feel about President-elect Obama's choices for his team?

I'm happy with most of his choices. 65% (346 votes)

I'm not happy with most of his choices. 15% (82 votes)

I'm happy with some of his choices. 11% (59 votes)

I'm overwhelmed with the number of people. 2% (13 votes)

I'm not sure. 2% (11 votes)

I don't care. 2% (12 votes)

I'd rather be reading about or eating food. 1% (6 votes)

Other: 1% (5 votes)

Cick here to see poll results on Three people left comments on that website, which I've copied below.

Janice said, "I'm okay with everyone but Hillary. I just don't trust her, I believe it was a political move. I just pray that he has someone watching her because she is rather cutthroat."

M. Snavely said, "I do not agree with all his ex-Clinton people. I thought he was for change. The Clingtons are so hungry for money and power, they will be running the White House - not Obama."

Ramona said, "I think Obama choices are reasonable. Obama is looking at resumes. I think Hillary will be a great contribution to the Obama team. I think Obama is going in the right the direction!!! I believe in him and it's sad because this is the 2nd time that I am excited about the choice that we the American people have made with electing a qualified President. The 1st time was Bill Clinton!!!"

Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic response! This poll is certainly not a scientific one. Just based on my curiosity. However, it does give me a general idea of what many of you are thinking.

Overall, it seems that a lot of you are pretty happy with Obama's choices. I'm still feeling rather overwhelmed, but I believe that our President-elect knows what he's doing. I have to have faith in his choices even if I don't understand and/or agree with some of them.

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Mizrepresent said…
Hey Anali,

What's cooking?
Lisa Johnson said…
mizrepresent - Hey Miz! Good to see you around here again. I haven't baked anything fun since the bread. I made some stir fry veggies and soup since then, but they're too boring to blog about. I have more fun with the sweet stuff.

I might make something tomorrow morning if I have time. Not sure. I'm running out of ingredients and have to go shopping. : )

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