Choices of President-elect Obama - A Poll

I've been very excited about President-elect Obama's choices for his team. However, I'm not particulary happy with his choice of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State .

Some of the people that he's choosing I've never heard of. Others seem to cause a great deal of disappointment. I found a facebook group of Obama Supporters Against Larry Summers. I'm kind of overwhelmed with the whole thing.

I decided to create a poll to see how many of you feel. We'll see how this works. I'm not sure if this poll will appear as it's supposed to. If it doesn't appear in this post, I'll try and put it on one of the sidebars.

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Suldog said…
Honestly, Anali, I'm not surprised. Nothing in particular concerning Obama, but it's pretty much as I said back in October or August or whenever I wrote the following:

They kick each other's asses during the campaign, then it's all kissy-face and lovey-dovey after. It's amazing that so many people fall for it.

Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State? Yuck.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - Well, I knew they didn't really hate each other. That's what they had to do for the campaign. I just don't particulary trust the Clintons in general. Do I think they are brilliant? Yes. So I think she can do the job. It's just at what cost.

I've been reading a lot of articles saying that Obama might be keeping his friends close and enemies closer. Maybe that's what he's doing. I think it's also a political payback. Just the ugly reality of politics.
amisha said…
i don't feel too strongly about hillary as secretary of state (you gotta do what you gotta do, i guess, and i'm sure she'll be good at it) but i have NO love for larry summers. the guy sounds like a nut-- in addition to the gross comments about women, he was booted out of harvard because he can't play well with others... um how is that a good idea? sigh. oh well... the other picks sound good to me! and i'm trying to reserve judgment till i see what they actually do :)
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - I think Hillary can do a good job and even though Summers does seem to be a bit off, hopefully his alleged financial genius will help us all out of this mess. 29 days to go!!

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