Breaking Boston Bakery News: Crumbs Bake Shop

This morning as I was walking down Federal Street, I noticed something different. A new storefront. Holy cupcake! 

Boston will soon have its own Crumbs Bake Shop! I whipped out my phone and took a few pictures. Then the door opened. Cue dramatic music. Dunt dunt daaaah!

Out walked a young man. I asked him if he knew when the bakery would be opening. He did not. But in a voice from the 1940's, he said, "By the looks of things sweetheart, it will be soon. Very, very soon."

Okay, his voice wasn't from the 1940's and he didn't call me sweetheart, but the rest is true. : )

Could Crumbs be open in time for Valentine's Day? Wouldn't that be lovely?

I sent an email inquiring about the opening day, but didn't hear back. So I called the store and was told that they didn't know when the Boston store would be opening. Hmmmm. The mystery continues.

Time will tell. I walk by this place every day, so I will be on this story like frosting on cake!

It's funny how things happen. If my life were a movie or novel, there was some foreshadow. Last summer, I mentioned Crumbs briefly in a post that I wrote about the food issue of Brandeis Magazine.

That's all the bakery news that I have for you now. If I'm lucky, my next report will have me wiping frosting from fingers!

*Updated 3/3/12* Possible opening date of 3/6/12! Sadly no.

*Updated 3/7/12* According to the website, the Boston store will be open next Monday, March 12th.  Joy and happiness! And there is a coupon to buy one cupcake and get one free. Click here for a new post with the update.

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SharleneT said…
Time moves on... I was raised in Newburyport and, on returning many years later, was astounded to discover that the old tanning factory (the real thing) had turned into a New Age gorgeous mall! Had I known that was going to happen, might never have left... Life is a circle... Come visit when you can.
Lisa Johnson said…
sharlene - So true about life being a circle. I remember the store that was there before. Nice place. A little gift shop. Everything changes. Happy weekend to you! : )

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