Crumbs Bake Shop Boston Opening Monday March 12th!

Boston will be a little sweeter next week. Crumbs Bake Shop's first Boston location will open next Monday the 12th of March. The location is 176 Federal Street, just across from South Station walking towards the Financial District.

Since my post last month, I've been wondering when this day would arrive. Their website makes it official, so the speculation ends here.

Also, there's a coupon to buy a cupcake or taste pack and get one free. Maybe I'll see you in line next Monday! I'm sure this place is going to be busy!

*Updated 3/12/12*  As I said in this tweet, sadly Crumbs Boston did not open today. According to the website today, the opening has been delayed. Well, no matter how crummy we may feel about the delay, Crumbs is taking their own sweet time. We'll just have to wait!

*Updated 3/13/12*  When I walked by today, a sign in the window said that they will be open next Monday, the 19th. We'll see.....

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Chris O said…
Hi Anali, I love it a business names itself after the product it's selling. And Crumbs Bake Shop sounds like a really delicious place.
Lena H. said…
I know I should possibly be a little bit ashamed about how much this delay is killing me, but I'm not. That much. A weekly trip to Crumbs with my old coworker for coffee and an afternoon break is one of the things I miss the most about living in NYC.

On a side note -- I am a little bit disappointed in the lack of information from Crumbs themselves. I was very excited for the original opening, and now I'm having a hard time believing in the new date...

A cupcake intervention may be in order at some point.
Lisa Johnson said…
crumbs - Me too! It makes it easy to remember. It will be nice when it's finally opened.

lena - There sure is a lot of drama surrounding the opening. I'm a little gun-shy about the date now. I guess I'll believe it when I see it. That sounds like a nice ritual with your coworker. I like it!

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