Brandeis Magazine: Finding The Inner Foodie

While it's always nice to receive the Brandeis Magazine in the mail, I have to say that I was surprised and super excited to see this summer's issue. The focus is on food!

Some of the Brandeis alumni spotlighted have popular Boston area establishments. Nivia Medina Pina, who with her husband Hector, founded Merengue Restaurant on Blue Hill Avenue in Roxbury. Marc Epstein founded Milk Street Cafe in Boston's Financial District and now on Wall Street in New York. Kenneth Osherow  operates McKenna's Cafe, launched Savin Scoop, and bought and transformed Savin Bar and Kitchen in Savin Hill, Dorchester.

Others like Mia Bauer, founder of Crumbs Bake Shop, have taken their business all across the country. So many Brandeis alumni are doing interesting and tasty work involved in the world of food. Luckily the magazine is online, so I'm linking to the articles in case any of you would like to read more.

Finding the Inner Foodie, by Theresa Pease

Cultivating New England, by Brian Donahue
By 2060, New England could look a lot like it did a century earlier — and we wouldn't have to live on kale and parsnips all winter, either.

Home Cooking, by Max Pearlstein
Brandeis dining has gone local, global and home cooked. But you'll still find the junk food near the cash register.

Food Wars
Heller's Ellen Messer helps raise the curtain on one of the deadliest weapons in conflict zones around the world.

Dishing Up Success, by Laura Gardner
Thanks to a Heller foodie, culinary arts come to the rescue of Hoi An street kids.

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While actress Loretta Devine isn't in the foodie section, she's one of my favorites and was also featured in this issue. So here's a link to the article about her as well.

Great issue Brandeis!

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Tracy said…
Ooo... I have to look out for this one next time we're Stateside! :o) Happy Day, Lisa ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
It's probably not for sale anywhere. I think it just goes to alumni, but take a look at the links for the articles. some fun stuff! Have a great day too! : )
how come I've never heard of this mag! need to find and pick up. Foodies with sprinkles of other things!?! yes, pls. Will read the articles you linked... I need a break from so much blog reading! :) I like mag reading!
Lisa Johnson said…
bren - It's the Brandeis University alumni magazine, so mostly only alumni and current students see it. But with all things food in this one, I thought that I'd share it with the public, especially since it's available online. I hope you enjoy the articles! : )

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