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Last night. What a nice night.

As I mentioned in a previous post, P.F. Chang's had a tasting event to introduce their new handcrafted wines under the label VINEYARD 518, which is produced with Wattle Creek Winery in California. The fruit is grown in Mendocino.

I was invited to the tasting and allowed to bring a guest. I chose my mom. Food blogger perk! We both love trying new things. Especially food and wine, so I thought we'd have a great time. And we did!

It was just a small group of food bloggers at the event. Lucky for us, Will, The Boston Foodie sat with us. We also had a chance to spend a bit of time with Athena, Forays of a Finance Foodie.

We all had a great time chatting, but we were there for a reason. To drink and eat. So we got down to business!

VINEYARD 518 was offered in two different types: Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah Blend.

I drank the Sauvignon Blanc with a bit of trepidation. Not sure what to expect. Usually I only like sweet wines. What a nice surprise! This wine was light and quite enjoyable. We all liked it. It's described as "White peach and orange blossom with touches of herbal character. Orange and lemon flavors unfold with crisp grassy notes and tight acidity."

I definitely recommend this wine. And one of the cool things is that you can buy a half glass, a glass, and a half carafe. I've never heard of a restaurant selling a half glass, but sometimes that's all you want. Just a taste.

Instead of bottles, VINEYARD 518 wines are stored in a 10-liter recyclable container that holds more wine than an entire case of bottles. The lighter packaging reduces the carbon footprint during shipping, so it's more environmentally-conscious. And the box itself is made from post-consumer cardboard. Both the plastic bag insert and box are fully recyclable.

So what about the Syrah Blend? Did I like it? No. Not a fan of red wine in general and this did nothing to change my mind.

The food was great! Loved the VIP Duck! Sooo good! We also noticed that they have an extensive gluten free menu.

Dessert was great too. This cake is The Great Wall of Chocolate. Wow! They had little mini desserts too. You can see the little carrot cake in the background. It was amazing! I actually liked it better than the chocolate cake. I know. Shocking! : )

Well, that's about it. A good time was had by all.

Disclosure: Me and my mom wined and dined for free. Thank you P.F. Chang's & Dig Communications.

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lori said…
I love PF Changs. Oh and what is a half a glass of wine?
starry said…
what a fun and exciting mother daughter day.
Nance said…
I'm a fan of both Sauv Blanc and Syrah. But the SauvB has to be really icily chilled. Did you try the Syrah WITH the chocolate cake? Red wine and chocolate go extremely well together.

I've only eaten at PF Chang's once; there isn't one very close to where I live. It was a good experience, however, and the place was packed. They do a nice business.
Chris said…
As soon as I saw The Great Wall of Chocolate I KNEW which restaurant!! Isn't P.F. Chang's wonderful! We have one not far from where I work. My only complaint is it's a little noisy and you really can't carry on a decent conversation once the restaurant gets crowded. One of my favorite places.
christina said…
i have never been. i must try it. there is a p.f. nearby.
SE'LAH... said…
you amaze me at how much you reveal in the beautiful city.

one love.
Lisa Johnson said…
lori - That would be gone pretty quickly!

starry - Now to plan the next one!

nance - I'm not sure that I've ever tried red wine with chocolate. Interesting...
Lisa Johnson said…
chris - It does get crowded in there. But in this economy, they must be very pleased with that!

christina - Definitely try it! You'll have a great time!

se'lah - Awww. Thank you!
Chris said…
Ah, P.F. Chang's! Love their food!! Not a wine drinker but your description of the sauvignon blanc sounded delicious. And who can resist the Great Wall of Chocolate Cake! What a dessert. Enough choco cake for two people. Oh, now I want to get myself over to P.F. Chang's ASAP!!!
Chris said…
A fellow Foodie how wonderful!! There can never be too many of us.
Lisa Johnson said…
chris - I hope you get over there soon! And let me know if you try the wine. Enjoy! ; )

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