On 5/18, Sip VINEYARD 518 @ 5:18

Remember a few weeks ago on my four year blog anniversary post, I wrote that my word for this year is PROSPER?

Well recently, I learned about a new wine by P.F. Chang's called VINEYARD 518. To celebrate the launch of this new wine in Boston, on Tuesday, May 18th, or 5/18, there will be a toast at 5:18 pm at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro at the Prudential Center.

All P.F. Chang’s diners of legal drinking age will be given a complimentary pour in honor of the occasion. Sounds good to me!

And if you're wondering about the name and the significance of 518, take a look at this. In Chinese numerology, 518 means "I will prosper." Well, how about that!

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