Baking Madeleines & Four Years Blogging

It's my blog's birthday! Four years since I started on this journey and even gave myself a new name. Thank you for all your visits here to my little space on the Web, the comments, emails, link love, and general good vibes that I receive from so many of you!

Last year, I picked the word COLLABORATION as my theme for year three. Speaking at BlogHer Food '09 last fall and helping to plan CupcakeCamp Boston earlier this month definitely fit in with that theme.

My word and theme for year four is PROSPER. I'm still looking forward to collaboration. In fact, I have a few things coming up soon! But I'm definitely looking to attract energy that will help me to flourish, succeed, thrive, and grow in a vigorous way.

To celebrate today, I decided to bake something new. I bought a madeleine pan a couple of years ago at Crate & Barrel and never used it. They don't seem to carry the pan anymore, but you can find one here.

I adapted the Traditional Madeleine recipe from Baking:From my home to yours. The big change that I made was the three hour refrigeration time. As many of you know, except for when it comes to baking bread, I'm a rather impatient baker. I don't like to wait around and there was certainly no way that I was waiting three hours for these bad boys to chill. So I experimented with a new "speed freeze" method.

I put the batter into a prepared pan and covered with plastic wrap. Then placed in the freezer for one hour. It worked! Much better than waiting around for three hours!

You can find the Traditional Madeleine recipe here. As usual, I used Smart Balance instead of butter. I didn't use the lemon zest and instead added a pinch each of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Also, I didn't dust them with powdered sugar. They're sweet enough and so good. They're really rather addictive. I won't be able to bake these too often. I hope you give the recipe a try. Enjoy!

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Mizrepresent said…
Happy Blog Birthday Anali! Love the recipes and you!
Chris said…
Happy Blogiversary!
Penny said…
Congratulation and may you prosper this year.

On May 1st, I'm coming up on two years of posting every day. It's a lot of work but we are prospering and we are helping good people prosper too.

That feel great.

You should be very proud of what you have accomplished.

Now, did you save a Madeleine for me?
T. said…
Great post! I am a big fan of the chill-in-the-freezer shortcut, and I love madeleines - so delicious, so much literary meaning...! :)

Happy Blogiversary!
Bron said…
Ahh yes Lisa great minds do think and bake alike - I shall have to try your quick freezer shortcut. Happy blog day once again... 4 years is super!
Tracy said…
Happy Blogiversary, Anali! Looking forward to years more! :o) I'm closing in on celebrating year four myself this summer. I just LOVE madeleines....mmm... I mus try this quick freeze method sometime. Thanks for all the fun here. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
miz - Thanks for the love and kind words for all these years!

chris - Much appreciated! Especially thanks for your kind words when I had my mini bloggy meltdown.

penny - Congrats on your two years of posting everyday! That is huge! You can have a madeleine (or two) from the next batch. : )

t - Thanks! We'll have to share some and do something literary.

bron - Welcome! Thanks and I hope the quick freeze works well for you.

tracy - Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement! Hopefully we'll have our blogmeet before the next anniversary.

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