Back From BlogHer Food '09

Early this morning, I arrived home from San Francisco. I wasn't able to sleep on the plane last night, so I've been resting and catching up with a few things.

It will take a few days to share more pictures and stories with you. But for now, here are some highlights.

I spoke on the panel called Protecting Yourself and Your Work. Sean Timberlake of Hedonia was the Moderator and Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes was also part of the panel.

Both Elise and Sean were a pleasure to work with and I truly appreciate all their knowledge and generosity. A couple of people came up to me later and told me that they really enjoyed the presentation. That meant the world to me!

Click on the link for BlogHer's Official Live Blog from the session. It was my first panel discussion and I was a bit nervous in the beginning. I relaxed after a few minutes and was able to get most of my points across.

One thing I do want to clarify though. It may not have been made clear enough in the discussion. It's true that generally recipes are not protected under copyright law. However, the few recipe related copyright cases and law review articles state that it is possible that a recipe containing enough original literary expression could be protected under copyright. One case in particular, Barbour v. Head, states "... the statement issued by the Register of Copyrights, to whatever extent it is instructive, does not declare that recipes are per se uncopyrightable."

Okay, back to the conference. During lunch, I had my brush with celebrity.

I met Rocco DiSpirito. He was there representing Bertolli and looking quite appetizing himself. Well that's it for now. More soon!

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Elise said…
Hi Lisa,
It was a delight to be on the panel with you! I'm so glad we finally got to meet. Are you recovered yet? I'm still a little sleep deprived. Love the photo of Rocco. He's a cutie.
Lisa Johnson said…
elise - Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm so glad that we got to meet too! I think I'm just about caught up on sleep. Rocco was so nice! I have a few pictures of us together too. : )
Nance said…
Did you happen to run into gfe Shirley? Hope the weather cooperated!
I bet you had fun. I enjoyed BlogHer in Chicago so much last summer!
Jackie said…
Lisa, it was so great meeting you at BlogHer Food! I'm so happy I found you and your blog, my new go-to site for anything legal.
Esme said…
I cannot wait to hear more.
onesilentwinter said…
i have had a crush on him for a while..oh did i just write that down:)
Sean said…
Lisa, it was such a joy meeting and working with you on the panel! I hope we have the opportunity to do so again in the future.
PixieDust said…
How exciting! I'm off to click the link...


Tracy said…
Such fun, Analia... Can't wait to see/read more! Happy weekend ahead, my friend :o) ((HUGS))
Like TwentyFour, I was in Chicago for BlogHer too. It was an amazing experience. And good for you on speaking on a panel and catching sightings of a celebrity! I'll bet BlogHer Food was awesome!
Kalyn Denny said…
I wish I could have gone to your presentation, but there were too many good choices! Fun to see you again though, and I did hear that your session was great!
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - Yes, luckily I did get to meet gfe Shirley! Not surprising, she's just as nice in person. And the weather was perfect.

twenty-four at heart - It was so fun! I'd love to go to BlogHer in NYC next year.

jackie - Welcome! It was wonderful meeting you too!

esme - There's more on the way!

onesilentwinter - Welcome! He is a cutie. And now your crush can be proven. ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
sean - Welcome! It would be great if we could do this again sometime. You just never know!

pixiedust - Thanks for checking it out. And I'm getting excited about the postcards! ; )

tracy - Thanks! I hope you're enjoying your weekend and are feeling rested now. :D

ngip - It was a good time! And thanks for the encouragement!

kalyn - Thanks again for your support and it was great seeing you again too!
amycaseycooks said…
It sounds like you had a great time at the conference. I really wish I could have attended - it is a conference that seemed right up my alley.

Thanks for all the reviews. I feel like in a small way I was there.
Lisa Johnson said…
eat - Welcome! Hopefully you can go next year. Glad to transport you to SF! : )
Ding dong! Rocco is molto appetizing. Sounds like a great conference.

Lisa Johnson said…
style and inspiration - Yes he is! And the conference was a great time. I'm sure it will be even better next year!

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