Three For Under The Tree

After reading this LA Times article about a Gewürztraminer wine, I was inspired to write yet another Three For Under The Tree.

This post involves yet another Christmas wish. With all the holiday parties and gift giving, there's usually lots of wine flowing. But the norm is to serve and give dry wine. Sweet wines are very rarely considered.

I'm not a big drinker and have no problem sipping on ginger ale, juice, cider, eggnog, water or just about anything else. I know that I cannot be the only person who has found themselves in this situation. However, some people seem insulted when they've mentioned the wine that they have available and I've declined. I wasn't rude or anything. I just declined.

Then they ask, "Don't you like wine?" I tell them that I do, but that I don't like dry wines. Then they tell me that they have a __ fill in the blank, that is really sweet. I really don't want to be forced to drink something that I don't like, when someone else can actually enjoy it.

I know myself and know what I like and don't like. It's very rare that anything being offered will taste sweet to me. So that's my sweet wine vs. dry wine rant.

Before I discovered sweet wines, I didn't think I liked wine at all. When I learned about three types in particular, I realized that there is a wine for everyone. So anyone who says that they don't like wine, I think they have just not found the right one for them yet.

I'm hoping that this holiday season, sweet wines will get a little more love, attention, and respect. They are good! If you're having a party, try one of these three types that I mention below. Maybe even just one bottle.

If one of your friends or family members has mentioned that they like sweet wines, don't give them another dry wine for a gift this year just because it's popular. Please! Try something new. Be different!

In general, I've found German, Italian, and some American wines of these types. I haven't recommended any particular brands or a year, etc., because I don't have any off the top of my head. I have included some related products from that you might like.

1. Riesling

2. Muscat (Moscato or Moscatel) I've found this to be the sweetest and is usually served with dessert.

3. Gewürztraminer

If any of you have wine suggestions for me, please let me know! If you want me to try some of your wine, I'll gladly accept some. Just kidding. Umm. Not really. Send it. Happy Holidays!

*Updated 12/20/09* - Yesterday I was looking at the wines in Wollaston Wines & Spirits in Quincy. They have great customer service by the way. Many people are available to help. They're not only friendly, but quite knowledgeable. Anyway, a wine tip that I want to pass on is that when looking for sweet wines, generally the lower the alcohol content, the sweeter the wine.

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Josephine said…
gewurtz is a recent favorite of mine. i think you'd love it!
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - I love Gewürztraminer too! All three actually. I knew you had good taste. ; )
AiringMyLaundry said…
I know how it goes, I'm not a fan of wine either and usually decline.

I've never tried that gewurtz stuff. Maybe I should check it out.

Happy SITs Saturday Sharefest!
You are right about the Moscato....I am noticing that it is becoming hugely popular because of its sweetness.

Great blog.....and Happy SITS Saturday SHAREFEST to ya!
Lisa Johnson said…
whisperingwriter - Welcome! Definitely try it! You might find that you like wine after all.

diva (in demand) - Thanks for the visit! I can see it becoming more popular. It is SO enjoyable!

Thanks to you both for the SITS Saturday Sharefest love! :D
Oh, dear Anali, I am so with you on these wines! No dry wine for me. Sweet is where it's at when it comes to wine. Riesling is usually my go-to wine out and about, but even Riesling is not always sweet enough for me. When our friend from Holland visited, he told me to look for a Riesling labeled Auslese if I wanted a sweet German Riesling. The other choices you mentioned are great, too. I think I've only encountered a wine that was too sweet for me ... once. LOL

BTW, I just bought two expensive bottles of pinot noir for gifts for friends and I was thinking better for them than me. ;-)

Anonymous said…
I am a Riesling girl for sure. I prefer sweet wines, but, after France this summer I'm trying to teach my palate to enjoy dry reds. Right now I have a petit syrah. Not bad.
Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - So nice to hear others with the same tastes! I have noticed that the sweet German wine names tend to end with the letters "lese." I'm not sure what that means.

Anyone who knows German and can shed some light, please pipe in!

campbele - Another Riesling girl! I've tried the dry reds, but just can't get into them. Nice to pair trying new wines with memories of France though! I didn't drink coffee until I visited Paris and now I'm a complete caffeine addict!
Cheap Metallica Concerts Tickets said…
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Lisa Johnson said…
cmct - You too!

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