Yes Pecan!

I just learned that there was a contest on Slate to name a Ben & Jerry's ice cream in honor of Barack Obama winning the Vermont primary.

And on an even more random note, did you know that Ben & Jerry's has a recipe for soup with ice cream in it? It's called John's Winter Squash Soup with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Check out the recipe here.

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Anonymous said…
Is this ice cream for real??
haha. This is great. Some pretty creative people working at Ben & Jerry's. :-)
suttonhoo said…
that's the best. :)
Suldog said…
Very funny name, if it's for real.
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL at "Yes, Pecan!" That's awesome.

BTW, I am so into the meal mixer site. It's really fab.
Tera said…
Yes, Pecan huh? Very interesting!

I have Mixed feelings about soup a la mode :-/
Anonymous said…
ice cream with soup?
anali how does it taste like?
did u try it?
interesting though!
Hi, I just learned today that I was paired with you for Taste & Create. I am sorry to tell you that it will be impossible for me to make anything this month as I am leaving tomorrow for a 2 weeks holiday. Sorry again.
At first I thought, "yuck, soup with ice cream?" Then I saw the recipe, and I can sort of see it. But the garlic's gotta go. ;) Fun post, anali.
Cynthia said…
EEWWWWWW soup and ice cream eeewwwwww
What a bizarre idea for soup...I mean I get the cream and all, but still...
Lisa Johnson said…
zen chef - No I don't think it's real. As far as I can tell it was just a contest by Slate. It would be kind of cool though.

suttonhoo - I do love pecan!

suldog - I think it's still funny even though it's not for real. Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day! I liked your post!

los angelista - And belated Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too! Nice post also! I'm really glad you're enjoying Meal Mixer. It's always nice to see a happy customer! ; )

tera - I think the soup could actually be kind of good, because squash pie goes with ice cream. Or then again it could be a horrific mess...
Lisa Johnson said…
anne - I haven't tried it ... yet! Who knows? It could actually be good. I'm kind of curious.

helene - Welcome! Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy your vacation.

susan - Yeah the garlic would not be too tasty with ice cream. : )

cynthia - I'm rather curious and may just be tempted to make it!

mike - It is a bit off the wall, but it just may be soup genius. Then again, it could be sheer madness. : )
CapCity said…
i KNEW I loved ben & jerry! ;-) Hey Anali! As always good stuff here at your spot.
Lisa Johnson said…
capcity - Thanks Cap! ; )

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