What Did They Eat?

We all know that there is no love lost between President Bush and soon to be Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Since W knows that he needs to make nice with her, he invited her to have lunch yesterday.

I can't stop wondering what they had to eat. I've searched to try and find information about the meal, but could not find a thing. If you like someone, you will try and serve food that they will enjoy. If you don't really like them and want to be bold about it, you could serve something that shows what you really think of them.

Did he offer her peanut butter and jelly and milk? Or did she get a nice roasted chicken with some garlic smashed potatoes, a side salad, warm buttered bread and gooey chocolate cake with two scoops of vanilla ice cream on the side? Maybe a frittata with Vidalia onions and mushrooms? I really want to know.

What do you think they had to eat?


wheresmymind said…
Go check out the Metro...I think they have some of the food in there :)
jac said…
I don’t know about other dishes but I know that she likes Caramel pudding!
Lisa Johnson said…
wheresmymind - I just found an article!

"The president and his guests sat down for a make-nice luncheon of pasta salad and chocolate in Bush's private dining room off the Oval Office."

See article below.

Kind of vague, but it is something.

jac - I love caramel pudding!
Gunfighter said…
I reckon the President had a whopping huge plate of Crow!
che said…
one account is that bush ate crow .
i just know that the emperor ... er the president wore clothes this time !
Anonymous said…
eeekk..luncheon. i hate. but caramel pudding is love!
Jeseem said…
mayeb bush offered food that dick cheney cooked, ( i.e. if dick cheney is as good at cooking as he was in hunting :P )
Lisa Johnson said…
gunfighter - I guess he did! : )

nike - LOL! I'm sure he would like to be emperor.

avila - I love pudding too!

jeseem - LOL! I think Cheney only kills the food. He probably makes his attorneys cook it and threatens to bring them hunting with him if they refuse. : )
Anonymous said…
Hmm? Pasta salad? Seems like somebody didn't put too much work into this luncheon. You may be on to something. Galric mashed potatoes would have said, "I like you." Pasta salad?--"I have to make nice, so lets get this over with."

And good for you for being so involved in Patrick's campaign.
Keshi said…
prolly he offered some 'BULL's-eye eggs? LOL!
Margie said…
Hi Anali
Hope the rains have stopped there!
We have snow now!
I agree with some of the others here...and I say he ate CROW!!!

Oh, btw I got the nicest email from Nancy Pelosi yesterday!
( just a form letter... one sent out to those involved with moveon.org)
She said...thank you...
It made me feel so very proud to be a dem.

Take care Anali...and stay dry!

Dezel Quillen said…
Being a fine Texan, I am sure good old George offered her the finest and freshest of Texas roadkill, washed down with a refeshing cactus cooler!

Better yet, wonder was the conversation was like, and how long the fake smiles lasted. Some politicians remind me of clowns ....masked with a painted on face.

Happy Sipping!

ren powell said…
I knew I was too late to be original with crow. There's also humble pie. That would have been refreshing. . .
Lisa Johnson said…
quel - Yes, he definitely could have done better than pasta salad. I mean it's good and all, but I could serve her that. He is the president. And thanks for the kudos!

keshi - Imagine being a fly on the wall listening to him talking to the chef about planning the meal!

samuru999 - LOL! I guess it's universally agreed that no matter what was served, W ate some crow.

That's wonderful that you got the letter from our soon to be Speaker! And thanks for all your work with moveon.org!

It's still rainy here, but I guess I should be happy that it's not snow. It is getting to be that time...

dezek - LOL! Cactus cooler! You know what? My first thought was, wow, that could be kind of good, but I'm guessing you mean with the thorns still on? : )

ren.kat - Welcome! Now humble pie is a really good one and you're the first with it! I think he did eat some actually. He acknowledges the "thumpin'."

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