United We Stand

No, I'm not going to pretend to have read the play, because I haven't. But I want to clarify the meaning of this quote. People love to hate lawyers and think of it as a joke. Just kill all the lawyers.

The statement is meant to show that if you want to eliminate the rule of law and impose tyranny, then the first thing you need to do is kill all the lawyers. At my swearing in ceremony, one of the judges who spoke mentioned this quote and discussed its true meaning. I have never forgotten it.

As much as people love to hate lawyers, if you are arrested or detained today or tomorrow, whether or not you are guilty or innocent, who are you going to call? Today, I read an article stating that a human rights attorney was arrested in China. If you want to suppress the freedom of the people, get rid of the lawyers.

The Sixth Amendment of our Constitution gives us the right to counsel when criminally prosecuted.

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.

This week I have been angry. A seething simmering anger, which probably causes ulcers. I've been angry because of the viciousness, which is now the Massachusetts race for Governor.

The Republican candidate, Kerry Healey, who shall remain nameless for the rest of this post, has sunk to a low that is mind-boggling, so dirty, and just plain evil, that the veins in my head are pulsing just thinking about it. If this post ends suddenly, I probably had a stroke writing it. I'm that pissed off.

Why all the emotion you ask? Deval Patrick is the Democrat running for governor. I have written several posts about him and strongly support him. I became a delegate at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention, so that I could support his run for Governor.

Granted these posts are pretty whimsical, but I seriously believe in democracy, our system of justice, and being civic-minded. The nameless one has been running negative ads against Deval Patrick, essentially stating that he's not fit to be Governor, because while he was practicing law as a defense attorney, he defended criminals. It is the duty of a defense attorney to represent those who have been accused of crimes. He was doing his job. As I mentioned before, our Constitution gives us this right.

Do we want to live in a country where someone accused of a crime cannot receive legal representation? A country where attorneys refuse to represent those most in need? I know I do not, but I guess that is where the nameless one wants to live. Since that is her mentality, everyone in the Commonwealth should be very afraid of the type of policies that she would implement if elected Governor.

Deval Patrick was doing his legal duty by zealously representing his clients. Yes, that IS the type of person who I want to be my Governor. Someone who understands the value of true social justice. The nameless one should be ashamed, very ashamed. She has disgraced herself and is an affront to those of us who share her gender.

I've been wondering why the Massachusetts Bar has not come out swinging against the nameless one and supporting Deval Patrick. I've spoken with my co-workers this past week wondering why the Bar hadn't stepped up. Well, I just read an article that has done my whole cardiovascular system a world of good. Massachusetts lawyers are coming together to speak out against the nameless one and to endorse Deval Patrick. And for the first time in 34 years, Lawyers Weekly has endorsed a candidate for elected office, Deval Patrick.

There was also a wonderful opinion piece on Boston.com, discussing John Adams defense of British soldier during the Boston Massacre. So if the 2nd President of the United States, one who wrote the Massachusetts Constitution could defend criminals, then I think the nameless one who calls herself a Criminologist, needs to look at her understanding of this country's criminal justice system.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations...nice to see someone active in the process...I love the history of Boston...hope to return soon...thank you
che said…
I hope Mass. is still a blue state . Isn't it ? Those Republicans need to go .
Margie said…
I am hoping so much Patrick wins!
Good work Anali!

Anonymous said…
Right on, Amali!

I'm not a lawyer, and I don't even play one on television, but being in law enforcement, I have to say that I feel you on this issue.

I have had similar conversations and confrontations with would be Police-State types that say such stupid things like: "Oh, we should just be allowed to shoot criminals" etc...

It makes my blood boil when seemingly decent people attack those that defend our Constitutionally-mandated rights and requirements for due process.

The rule of law is supposed to be for the benefit of everyone... not tjust some people.
Anonymous said…
great post -- I haven't been following the boston race, but I feel like you've just summed up an important component, quite neatly.

I'll be following more closely now -- I want to find out how it turns out. :)
Asha said…
Can't say I hate lawyers!! Dad was a lawyer and a judge later,brother is a lawyer and I am a Law school drop out!! :))
wheresmymind said…
Healey is running a smear campaign which is seemingly more and more everyday
Hey Anali-

I'm about to write a post on my blog called, "Nothing is more Un-American than a Political Race!"

Good for you for standing up and jumping into the process!

Down here in Maryland / Virginia we have a Governors race and several Senate races that are as dirty and nasty as can be! We've got a Black Republican running for Senate against a White Democrat who's been in Washington since before I was born - folks are eating OREO cookies and stealing credit reports! In VA. we have ex-Governors throwing racial slurs - it is SHAMEFUL!!!

Does anybody even talk about REAL issues anymore?
Dezel Quillen said…
Hello Anali,

Nice and passionate piece, certainly glad to hear however that the frown was turned upside down.

Do keep up the good fight and grab a nice German Riesling if that ulcer causing anger returns (lol)

Happy Sipping!

Lisa Johnson said…
kuan gung - Thank you! Fall is one of the most beautiful times to visit, with all the leaves turning.

nike - It is a blue state. One of the bluest, but we've had Republican governors for so long now.

samuru999 - Thank you! I'm hoping so much!

gunfighter - My blood has been boiling too! I think people who want to do away with constitutional rights fail to imagine that they could end up in need of these protections too someday.

suttonhoo - I'm glad it was helpful. This is definitely going to be one of those races being closely watched on election night. By the way, Bill Clinton was here today fundraising for Patrick and helped raise over $1 million.

foodie's hope - Welcome! LOL! Glad you have a soft spot for us.

wheresmymind - It is getting so out of control, especially with the stuff about Patrick's sister. I cannot even imagine what is going to be happening the week before the election.

the thinking black man - I'm looking forward to your post. I've read some things about the race in Maryland, but I hadn't heard all this. That sounds even worse than up here.

dezel - Thank you! Well if that's what the doctor orders! : )
Anne Bucoy said…
wow i never heard such things like this!
Anonymous said…
Great post. I hope you and people like you keep our attention on the small but steady disassembling of faith in and commitment to our Constitution.
Nance said…

I feel for you. Remember, I live in Ohio, where every race is a battleground. We've been inundated with out-of-state money for our Senate race, as you can imagine, because it could tip the balance of power in D.C. I dare to dream!!

And the gubernatorial race is a black Republican shyster against a white Democrat who is bland and boring. The Republican is the current Ohio Secretary of State who received a memo from the president of Diebold regarding voting machines for Ohio's presidential election in which the man stated he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president" that year." This guy also has practically reinstated Jim Crow voting laws, only to have the courts strike them down. He's a disgrace, and thankfully down by at least 20 pts. in the current polls.

Those of us who are politically active might get rolling eyes from some and avoided by others, but somebody has to care. I bet Deval Patrick is glad you do.
Lisa Johnson said…
anne bucoy - I think things are more extreme this year, because there is so much at stake. And there are three more weeks of this madness to go!

lisa - Welcome and thank you! I'm certainly trying to do my part.

nance - Well, I guess the president of Diebold got what he wanted. I hope he's not tampering with the voting machines again. Our elections are getting so insane here.

It's outrageous that we send people to oversee the integrity of democratic elections in other countries, when we can't even do it for ourselves!!! Oh, my blood is boiling again!!!!
Nance said…

i just re-read my earlier comments appended to your other post and realized i was repetitive here. sorry--I forget where and to whom i've commented all over the blogworks. honest, i don't have alzheimer's and i'm not treating you like a 2-year old with a limited attention span. sigh.
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - Please don't apologize! I appreciate the comments and you actually expanded upon what you had touched on before. I'm glad that you are keeping me informed on what is going on in Ohio. Keep the comments coming!
Anonymous said…
hmmm .. but lawyers help too u know .. they fight our cases.
starry said…
what will we do without lawyers? The elections are nearing and all I see on Tv is negative Ads.just one candidate throwing stones on the other.I am all for Democracy .
Lisa Johnson said…
nabeel - Thanks for stopping by! I agree!

starry nights - I can't wait until Nov. 7th, so all the madness will be over. Well, hopefully.

In reality, there are so many hot contests all over the country, there will probably be several recounts happening on Nov. 8th.
Anonymous said…
It's always nice to see someone eloquently make the case for lawyers, especially criminal defense lawyers. You've made me a happy public defender.
Lisa Johnson said…
josh - Welcome! Thank you for the kind words and I'm glad to have made you happy!
Jeseem said…
yeah people joke.
presidents become the butt of jokes, 'cause they r the people with the most important job. guess, now u shld be happy that lawyer gets ranked 3rd or 4th.
*sigh* software guys don't become target of any jokes. but well we compensate by trying to be the joke creators :P ( ofcourse like all software, the jokes we create r dumb :(
Lisa Johnson said…
jeseem - Don't fret! Without you software guys, we'd all be back in the pre-historic ages using typewriters! : )

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