Thursday, June 8, 2006

Convention Pictures

Considering these were taken with a disposable camera, I think they came out okay. All my other photos were taken with my camera phone. I REALLY have to get a digital camera!

Here is George McGovern, former Senator and 1972 Democratic Party nominee for President. This was at the reception for Deval Patrick, who is shown below and speaking. Then there is a picture from the convention floor. I hope you enjoy!

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suttonhoo said...

very cool! so glad you posted these -- what a great thing to be involved in...

something from me said...

Pretty good pictures. Although as a brit, I don't know much about the democrats.

You should add a site meter, then you will see how many readers you have.
I know I get some from your link, and some leave my site by clicking the link to you.
I can also see that someone from Texas read my blog for 75 minutes yesterday.
So you get some good stats.

Take care,

wheresmymind said...

Yeah...time to step your game up that way we can follow along with your great adventures :D

something from me said...

Hi Anali,

You can go to Sitemeter to get a counter. Thats what I did. I find it useful, and a little addictive; my vanity makes me check it frequently each day.
It was easy to add to the site too.


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