Grocery Shopping: Fruit Center Marketplace ~ Part 2

You didn't think that I forgot to finish up posting about Fruit Center Marketplace did you? Things just got busy. But I still want to show you around the store a bit more.

So much beautiful and colorful fresh local produce!

A salad bar with everything to make your perfectly customized salad!

I didn't take pictures of everything, but some of you carnivores might be interested in their very large meat department. It's managed by Kinnealey Meats in their Milton store and The Corner Meat Shop in the Hingham location.

Now more to my liking is the fish department managed by Rocky Neck Fish Co. They have a large selection of fish and carry locally caught seafood.

Fruit Center carries locally produced honey too. Although according to some research online, the theory that eating locally produced honey helps fight allergies appears to be false.

So in case that's why you're planning to buy it, don't expect any miracles. But it's still nice to support local honey producers like Boston Honey Company.

You can still buy milk in glass bottles sourced from Crescent Ridge Dairy in Sharon. Who knew places still deliver milk to your door?

While I'm familiar with Phillips Candy House on Morrissey Boulevard in Boston, I thought they only made candy. It turns out that they make cookies and other confections too!

Cape Cod Creamery makes ice cream and fudge too! Coop's Hot Fudge out of Watertown has the most amazing packaging!

Lizzy's Homemade Ice Cream and Gifford's ice cream are based in the region too.

Gifford's is traveling south this summer though. They are going by ice cream truck to DC, Maryland and Virginia giving out free ice cream. Check them out on Twitter to find out where!
Simpson Spring Soda is made in South Easton, Massachusetts and home of the oldest independent bottling plant in the United States. You can call them and arrange for a tour! Simpson Spring Soda has some real history here.
But as I mentioned before, while Fruit Center Marketplace is all about local, they are all about food from all over the country and the world too.

If you watch Shark Tank, you might remember learning about Slawsa. You can buy it here and try it!

And if you have a taste for some Vegemite and never knew where to find it in the Boston area, now you know!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Disclosure: Steve's Ice Cream was provided to me compliments of Fruit Center Marketplace. Thank you!

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El said…
Lovely! It's great to see so many local products. Thanks for the tour. Also, don't give up on honey. Several studies have shown success. Results have depended on the type of allergy, type of bee pollen, time frame, and methodology used.
Lisa Johnson said…
El - Glad you liked it! Interesting about the honey....
Can-Can said…
I will have to check this place out sometime. Gorgeous photos!
Lisa Johnson said…
Can-Can - You'll love it!

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