You Make The Call: Breakfast or Dessert?

Last week, I really wanted a dessert. I was trying to be good, but wasn't really feeling like making a single serving dessert and wanted to share with G.

I had some frozen puff pastry, apples and a few pears. Yes, pears. Apparently I cannot resist a pear on sale.

Could I throw these together and come up with something? I wondered. It worked and was so good that I made it twice!

This picture is from the first attempt. It had more apples than pears. The second time was more pears than apples and my favorite. Also, I used more preserves the second time. Unfortunately, pictures from the second attempt did not prove fruitful. : )

Either way it's so good! I didn't measure any ingredients, because it was so simple and that's what I often do.

Prepare your puff pastry as directed on the package or do what I did. Let it defrost, or quickly microwave it, so you can unfold it. I turned the edges up a bit, though you really could not tell in the end. Bake the pastry for about 20 minutes at 425 degrees or until puffed up and a little browned.

Use lightly flavored preserves to generously spread over the puff pastry. I used peach preserves. Cut up 2 -3 pieces of fruit leaving the skin on. I tried to cut nice even slices, so it would look pretty on the pastry.

Arrange the fruit slices on the preserve covered pastry. Pour a few teaspoons of vanilla extract over the fruit. The first time I sprinkled the top with ground cardamom. The second time I used ground cinnamon. Use whatever is your preference. Ginger would be good too.

Sprinkle the top with powdered sugar. Bake for another 15 -20 minutes at 425 degrees.

Now here is where the dessert or breakfast dilemma happens. My first slice was after dinner and I added some whipped cream. Yum! Dessert!

I saved the second slice for breakfast. No whipped cream and I had it with coffee and a veggie sausage. Yum! Breakfast pastry!

What do you think? You make the call!

Happy weekend to you!

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