Bread Baking Day - Fruited Sourdough Bread

Remember the sourdough starter that I was working on? Well, the bread above is what I used it for.  I have to admit that it's just okay. I do love that it has fruit in the recipe.

But to be honest, I remembered that I really don't like sourdough bread. I know. So what was all the fuss over the sourdough starter?

Because it's one of those things where I get really excited reading recipes about how sourdough bread is so wonderful. I see all the pretty pictures. All the glamorous people clamoring over the beautiful loaves. Then I want to love sourdough bread. But in reality I don't. This happened to me before. It's a problem.

I just need to get over it. Sourdough is really cool and trendy, but I guess I'm just not that cool or trendy. My sweet tooth persists. Sour does not do it for me when it comes to bread.
Also, ironically, the bread didn't rise like it should have after baking. Although, both rises before seemed to go well.

If it weren't for my planning to participate in the 57th Bread Baking Day, I probably would not be writing this post. But I was, so I am. I don't think the problem was the recipe. Maybe my bread karma was bad the day I baked this. Not sure.

Well, there has been better bread before and there will be better bread again. The timing just didn't work out on this one. The baking continues....

*Updated 4/5/2013* Here's the Bread Baking Day Roundup with 50 bread baking friends from all over the world!

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Nance said…
Sigh. I don't like sourdough either. Find someone who does, and gift him/her with your starter. Failing that, set it free. Find a bakery or small deli/restaurant that might be interested. Give it a goldfish's burial.

It's important to know when to follow your bliss and say goodbye to what's not working.
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - The recipe used all of it up, so the problem took care of itself. : )
zorra said…
Don't be sad, next time it will work. ;-) Thank you for participating in BBD. We will see us tonight at the party and there will be many bread bakers that can give you some tips. ;-)))
Lisa Johnson said…
zorra - Thanks! Looking forward to the roundup! : )
Unknown said…
Such a helpful blog!
I am new to baking and was wondering if any of you have ever used any starters from Sourdough's International.. I have a friend who loves it but I'm looking for some more opinions.
Lisa Johnson said…
rachel - Thank you! No. I've never tried them. Given my sad realization that I just don't really like sourdough bread, I probably won't either. : (

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