Day 2: Sourdough Starter In Progress

Using this recipe, I'm making my own sourdough starter with graham flour and orange juice.

Currently, I'm working on a much more comprehensive update to my old post on reviving dead yeast and saving your bread dough.

The groundhog appears to have turned his back on me. There is two feet of new fallen snow and gusty winds outside. So it's looking like winter is still here and bread baking weather continues....

*Updated 3/10/2013*  Just shoveled out my car. It wasn't too bad and it burned some calories. Also, it's now the 4th day of my sourdough starter. Take a look here if you like. It's bubbling up like crazy! Not sure how I'm going to continue feeding it yet. Just looked at what's in store for the 5th day and noticed that I may need to get some apple cider vinegar, which I don't have in the house. Good thing my car is shoveled out!

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Chris O said…
It snowed all day Friday Lisa and yesterday's warmer, much warmer, temps melted most of it away. There comes a time in my love of cold weather when even I've had enough of snow and the cold. Spring is just 10 days away and I'm looking forward to the warmer weather. I just hope it doesn't bounce right into summer like it sometimes does.
Lisa Johnson said…
chris - The snow is melting here, but not fast enough. I have to go shovel out my car in a little while. : (

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