Dinner Club: Jamie Oliver

It's been quite some time since the last Dinner Club post. There was some disagreement about whether or not to meet during the summer. Some wanted to. Others thought that it would be too much.

Well, here we are on the last day of August and our last dinner was in June. We're supposed to start up again in September with an end of the summer Bobby Flay barbecue. Hopefully it will happen!

So back to our last dinner. Jamie Oliver was the celebrity chef. He's one of my favorites in terms of personalities and I love his show!

We all noticed something similar about his recipes. He's rather fast and loose with the amounts of ingredients, so we all reached a point in cooking where we had to go back, read again, and were like, "What?! How much?"

Also, his recipes tend to have descriptive fun names. I started to edit them to just the actual dish, but why take out the personality? It's one of the things that I like about him.

We all enjoyed our food. I did make a mistake with the cannelloni though. After I put it in the oven, I realized that I forgot one of the cheeses.

When I opened the fridge and saw the cheese, I wondered, "Why is that still there? Oh noooo!!" I had a small meltdown, but recovered and just put the cheese on top. It was fine.

My favorites were the green bean salad and the bruschetta. Oh and the corn chowder too! So good!

The meal ended up being vegetarian, although it wasn't planned that way. Jamie loves his vegetables! Here's our full menu below.

Dinner Club #7: Jamie Oliver

Baby Artichoke Bruschetta 

Good Old French Bean Salad

Awesome Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni
Corn Chowder

A Rather Pleasing Carrot Cake with Lime Mascarpone Icing

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The Duo Dishes said…
haha A rather pleasing carrot cake. Those names are really cute. Dinner parties like these are fun, though. You break out of your usual, try new techniques, experiment with new ingredients sometimes. Plus, you can test a bunch of recipes from one chef and see how they stack up. Good times!
Lisa Johnson said…
the duo dishes - It's definitely a way to try new things. Otherwise it's so easy to get stuck in a baking or cooking rut. Thanks for the visit! ; )
my ex looooves him some carrot cake... i like it depending on who makes it, but it's def a great cake to play with. who's your next dinner club "guest?"
Lisa Johnson said…
bren - I love it, but it's the kind of cake that I don't have too often, so it feels special when I do get to have some. The next chef is Bobby Flay! He has yet to confirm when he'll be arriving. : )

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