Dinner Club: Marcus Samuelsson

One of the most interesting things about our dinner club is the people. A few of us started together from the beginning, but we've had several new people attending some of the dinners as well.

As new people join in, it's interesting seeing what they decide to cook, why they decided to cook it, and what changes they made to the original recipe. We all adapt. Having the freedom to make a customized dish let's us show off our skills and express some creativity. We had three cousins last time, so it was interesting learning about their family and hearing different stories. And all over a good meal!

Marcus Samuelsson was our celebrity chef this month and did not disappoint. I have his cookbook, Discovery Of A Continent - Foods, Flavors, And Inspirations From Africa and found the cake recipe there. Plus, it reminded me that I need to use his cookbook again soon! He has some wonderful recipes, which makes me want to get to Red Rooster Harlem, even more.

I loved the soup and it could have been a meal all on it's own. The chicken was delicious, although really messy to eat. The catfish was okay. I could take it or leave it.

The cake that I baked reminded me of a Chocolate Cinnamon Bread that I made before. Samuelsson knows his sweets. Both these desserts are rich, full of flavor and make you remember why people love chocolate.

Dinner Club #6: Marcus Samuelsson

White Bean Soup
Blackened Catfish
Sweet & Spicy Wings
Chocolate Rum Cake

We had a great time at this dinner and I'm very much looking forward to the next. The next celebrity chef is Jamie Oliver!

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SE'LAH... said…
wow - you really do go to the coolest events. i must check out his cookbook. and that chocolate rum cake recipe, a must.

thanks for always sharing such wonderful experiences with us.
Lisa Johnson said…
se'lah - You'll love the cookbook and it's a delight to share! ; )
Joanna Goddard said…
this dinner club is such a brilliant idea!! i loved marcus samuelsson on top chef. and jamie oliver is going to be REALLY fun!
Lisa Johnson said…
joanna - We have such a good time with it! And we did enjoy Jamie Oliver too!
SharleneT said…
Those clubs are so cool. Belonged to one in the early years of my marriage and thoroughly enjoyed the different foods folks would prepare. This sounds like a delicious meal -- well, for sure, the chocolate rum cake. Thanks for sharing.
Lisa Johnson said…
sharlene - Glad you liked it! Being reminded of this cake is making me consider baking it again soon...

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