TAPAS: It means more than you think.

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A few years ago, I was talking with some friends and we came up with a sort of game.

You could call it the Mansion Naming Game. The premise is  that you are super rich and bought a mansion. What will you name it and why?

I've always liked the idea of eating small portions of many different kinds of foods rather than one large dish. So I'd prefer to go out with friends and have us order all or most of the appetizers on the menu and share them. With some drinks, nice music, and of course dessert, that is perfection to me.

A tapas bar takes all of that into account. I've yet to try Tapeo, but hope to get there at some point.

So anyway, I decided that my mansion would be named TAPAS. It made me think of many little bites of delight. I like the idea of bringing that energy into a home.

Then recently I learned that tapas has another meaning. In sanskrit, tapas means a discipline of choice and often refers to the commitment to yoga practice. My recent 21 Days of Yoga Challenge reminded me of the dual meaning of the word tapas.

I guess I'll stick with my mansion name! It was an even better choice than I thought!

For some weekend fun, feel free to play along. What would you name your mansion and why?

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Esme said…
What a sweet post.
Lisa Johnson said…
esme - Thank you! ; )
Mosilager said…
Samplers are great! I like going with a lot of people so I can try out lots of different things.
Lisa Johnson said…
mosilager - Next time we get together, hopefully Shilpa can come too and we can all order a bunch of appetizers. ; )

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