Wednesday, April 6, 2011

21 Days Of Yoga Challenge: Day 4

Since I've started catching up on my back issues of Yoga Journal, I decided to try the 21 Days of Yoga Challenge. This article is a good one and got me thinking and wondering. What if I started getting more disciplined with my practice? What changes would I see?

I haven't signed up online or made it official by using the sequences from the the website. I'm just trying this at home in an informal way. So far so good and it's been easier than I thought. I guess it's just a matter of taking the time and sticking with it. I've been varying up my routines on my own and they've been pretty simple.

The length has been 10 - 20 minutes of asanas followed by a 10 minute meditation. I really need to get back to a class. I haven't gone for a very long time. Maybe soon...

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alessandra said...

Yoga awesome, I do it at home as well, kinda 4 times a week. Or just when I feel to do it, makes me feel great.

Lisa said...

alessandra - You're good! Up until now I haven't consistently done it that regularly. But it does feel great to do! ; )

Los Angelista said...

Love the challenge. Now that marathon season is over, I want to start taking yoga classes.

Tracy said...

TERRIFIC challenge, Lisa! I know you can do it! ;o) A 20 minute practice is much easier to achieve on a daily basis than folks might realize. Yoga & meditation are just soooo GOOD for a body! But you know I'm yoga biased already. ;o) I practice mainly at home now, and prefer the quiet of asana & meditation at home. During the week I do 20 minutes about 3-4 times per week, and a longer sessions on weekends when I can. Once you get in the habit, it's like anything else... Good luck on your challenge, and most of all enjoy! :o) ((HUGS))

Chris said...

Yoga should be practiced by more people and doctors should be touting its efficacy in treating many aches and pains. It knows no age limit and people well into their 80s and 90s are still practicing as I hope to do if I ever reach that esteemed age! Yoga takes care of the entire body, emotional, mental and physical.

Lisa said...

los angelista - Your running is so inspiring. I keep planning to start and then it doesn't really hold. I guess one thing at a time. : )

tracy - I'm on Day 6 and feel great! 20 minutes seems to feel more natural than 10, which flies by way too quickly.

chris - You're right. It should be prescribed. There was a PBS special about people who had some serious physical problems and they made such progress. And I love that it's something that's for all ages!

Although there are probably way more things that we can do until our later years than we may think. My father is close to 80 and still plays basketball twice a week!

Mosilager said...

I haven't tried it regularly but on the list to do some day. Never too early to start I suppose.

Lisa said...

mosilager - Never too early or too late to start! : )

It's really interesting doing yoga each day, because now I see how I can adapt my practice to my life. Looking back, it seems that my thinking about it was wrong. And that put too many barriers in front of me.

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