Kettle Corn

I made Kettle Corn for the first time this week. It's very good and I'll definitely make it again. I found the recipe on Sweet Amandine and thought that it was time to try it.

I never make popcorn. I mean ever. So it was rather random that within a couple of weeks of wanting to make Kettle Corn, I was leaving CVS and saw a Boy Scout with his father selling bags of popcorn. I took it as a sign!

Next time, I'll reduce the amount of popcorn slightly and won't leave it in the pan so long. Several pieces burned. Cooking with hot oil really scares me, so this was a big step. Maybe I'll even make donuts one day! ; )

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Jess said…
Hi there, Anali. Oh dear, it does look like it got just the slightest bit burnt. (You're very generous to say that it was good despite the trouble that the recipe gave you!) The timing can be a little tricky. With kettle corn, you'll need to remove the pot from the heat sooner than with ordinary popcorn, since the sugar burns more quickly than the kernels themselves. And are you shaking the heck out of it while it pops? Finally, be sure to dump it from the hot pot immediately into a bowl so that the kernels don't continue to cook... and burn. I burned my first pot of kettle corn, too, but then I got the hang of it. I hope you'll try it again. Happy Friday!
This looks like a must try Anali. I appreciate all the feedback so that the outcome won't be a mess.
Suldog said…
Your mention of the Boy Scouts leads me to tell you that MY WIFE and I purchased some of their popcorn, and it was GREAT. The caramel corn was light for such a thing, but still had some interesting cashew bits and whatnot, sort of like Crackerjacks with a college education. I highly recommend buying some next year when they do more fundraising.
Lisa Johnson said…
jess - Thanks for the follow-up! ; ) I did shake it a lot. But maybe it needed more? I'm going to try it again soon though.

bellini valli - It's definitely worth a try, because even with some burnt pieces, it was delicious!

suldog - LOL! "Crackerjacks with a college education." ; )

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