Saturday, August 21, 2010

A MoveOn Target

A few weeks ago, I looked at some items in my closet and realized that I hadn't worn them in six months to a year. I was also really sick of a few of them. Two of the items were skirts. I loved them when I first got them and wore them almost every week for at least ten years. I could no longer bring myself to wear them. I tried and couldn't do it. Those skirts were done.

So I took them and a few other things and donated them to Goodwill. I don't have many clothes to begin with. To save money, I've hardly shopped in the past few years. But now I'm down two skirts and need to replace them. I can't spend a ton of money. I looked a few places online and in some stores and saw nothing that I really like.

I was thinking that I should stop by Target to see what they have. Then I remembered the Target Boycott and that Target donated $150,000.00 to back an anti-gay rights candidate. That's rather hateful. There are other places to look for skirts.

I always wondered about the idea of a boycott. If you weren't going to purchase something specific at a store, but you agree with the idea of the boycott and just continue to never go there, are you really boycotting? Or is there an active boycott and a passive boycott?

Either way, I guess that's how a boycottt starts. One purchasing decision at a time.

*Updated 8/22/10* The skirt emergency is over! Just in case you're curious, I found a dark charcoal pencil skirt from J.Jill. I forgot that I had purchased that skirt a few weeks ago in anticipation of the lack of skirts. I bought the black one last year for my trip to San Francisco. Very versatile simple skirts if you're looking too.

Then yesterday I drove to Burlington Mall as part of a writing assignmnent. After I finished my work, I found a skirt at Nordstrom. It's just what I was looking for. Simple and swingy, knee length, with a small colorful print. The brand is Lily and it's made in the USA, which you don't see often. But I can't find a website for them.

That's all for my skirt saga. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! And you might enjoy this TED video. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action.

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Sharlene T. said...

Unless you can get an army of people to boycott all at the same time, I'm not sure Target would feel the effect. I think they would feel it stronger if they were to receive mass e-mails and/or postcards from the public.

We had something similar happen back in the 70s when a television commercial showed an adult male drinking his soup from his bowl. It was outrageous. And mothers, who had spent time teaching manners to their children, were outraged. Through PTAs, church associations, and other groups we belonged to, we chose a specific week to send letters of protest to the television station and our local papers. They commercial was removed and apologies were made to the mothers of America.

If you need a new skirt and Target has one that will fit you, buy it and write a letter. My two cents.

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Anali said...

sharlene - From what I see on the website and video, they are mobilizing a massive boycott. Did you take a look at the links?

Either way, there are so many places to choose from. Every purchase is a decision. No need to give my hard earned money to a company that I'm not thrilled with at the moment. It would be another thing if I couldn't shop online, had no car or any other forms of transportation and the only store within walking distance of me was a Target. Then I'd have no choice.

The only thing is that so many corporations do things that I may not agree with. I don't know what donations or political actions Nordstrom or J.Jill may have taken. It's a lot to keep up with.

starry said...

I would boycott Target.I think the numbers will add up.I still cannot believe they did something hateful like that.Shame on you Target.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the skirt update, Anali! It is a real pity about Target. I liked to shop their on trips home to the US--not now. Thanks goodness we have choices, and can make informed choices. :o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

Anali said...

starry - It is very disappointing to learn about their contribution. In general, I liked Target and would have to restrain myself from buying when I went in. I don't even enter the store unless I plan to spend a decent amount of money.

tracy - You're welcome! I agree. Informed choice is a big part of a democracy.

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