BlogHer Food '09 - San Francisco, CA

Want to hear some news? Guess who'll be attending BlogHer Food '09 in San Francisco next month?

Me! I'm pretty excited to say the least. Meeting other food bloggers is always fun. San Francisco is an amazing city.

Plus I'll be speaking as part of a panel - The Vocation Track: Protecting Yourself and Your Work.

Check out the list of speakers and my bio.

I'll have a chunk of time to do a bit of exploring before I leave, so I'd appreciate any suggestions for things to do. Oh, and they need to be, ahem, not too cost- prohibitive. Thanks in advance!

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Brandi Reynolds said…
congrats! I'm excited for you-have fun!!!
Jennifer said…
I'm so happy for you! I missed out on signing up, so please enjoy the conference for us both. :-)
Yay! We're finally going to meet! Can't wait!
PixieDust said…
Congratulations! How exciting - I can't wait to hear how it goes.




The cake was WONDERFUL... and gone in about 2 hrs, heehee.
Esme said…
A big congratulations to you.

take your camera
Lisa Johnson said…
brandi - I think this JOY REBEL thing is working!

jennifer - I'm so excited to be going! I'll definitely have fun for us both! ; )

susan - I was so happy to see your name on the list! I can't wait to meet you too!

pixiedust - Thank you! I'll be reporting back. I'm so glad the cake was a smash hit! :D

esme - Thank you! I will. There will be many pictures!
I was so excited when I saw your name on the agenda! I'm pretty sure I'll be taking the vocational track, too. I'll be arriving on Thursday with one fellow blogger (we've never met either, but will be flying out together). Another fellow blogger will be joining us on Friday and she leaves on Sunday. My VA friend and I fly back on Monday, so lots of time to play and explore! If you get some great lower cost suggestions, please share them!

Less than a month away!

Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - That's good that you'll have so much time. So far no suggestions, but I will be meeting up with a couple of people which will be really nice. Hopefully I'll get to hang out with you a bit too!
Can-Can said…
Good for you! Savor the experience.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - Thank you! I will. ; )

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