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Happy September! I don't have a real post of my own today, but I thought I'd let you know about some interesting food blogs that I've been checking out lately.

One is called Desert Candy and there is a fun round-up of 20 days of blogging about ice cream. You know that I was all about ice cream this summer!

Another is 100 Peaches Project, where you guessed it, we find out why this blogger loves peaches and about the stories behind his last 100 peaches. When I was a kid, I loved the book James And The Giant Peach. Maybe this is one of the reasons I like this blog so much!

The blog One Hot Stove is written by Nupur, who was one of the speakers at the Blogher Conference. I think I forgot to share this picture from the food blogging session. Nupur is on the far left. She gave a really moving presentation, which I mentioned here.

Shuna from the blog Eggbeater, who is a pastry chef and just announced the opening of a restaurant, is sitting to Nupur's right. She was one of the bloggers who I met after the food blogger dinner.
Alanna from A Veggie Venture is next and she helped put the food blogger dinner together. She is also a Blogher Food Editor. To her right is Susan from Fatfree Vegan Kitchen. And the panelist speaking is Jasmine from Confessions Of A Cardamom Addict.

Here is another picture from the dinner that I didn't share yet.

To the far left is Terry from Blue Kitchen and I sat next to his wife Marion. To Terry's left is Gemma from Pro Bono Baker. Moving right is Katie from Little Spatula, Joanna from My Vegetable Blog,Bea from La Tartine Gourmande, her sister-in-law, whose name I cannot remember. I'm sorry! And sitting to my right, well next to the empty chair, because I'm taking the picture, is Tanya from I Ate A Pie. She is also a finalist for a Black Weblog Award in the food blog category. The competition is tough!

Another blog I've been reading is called Thyme For Food, which has some really pretty pictures, interesting recipes and stories. Well, I guess I did have a post here after all.

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Anonymous said…
yum! the ice creams all look SO good. and "one hot stove" is such a great name for a food blog! i am now motivated to go make some dinner :-D
Mmm. Peaches. I got some great ones at the Quincy Farmer's Market on Friday when I left work early. But it's so stupid that it runs 12-5.
Big Boys Oven said…
Woah! Such a great nite out... with floggers...must be a great time, company of great people and accompany with lovely food.
jac said…
So many yummy blogs and I have no time.
I went through two.
AVIANA said…
Hey there!

thanks for stopping by! yes i finally did a little reveal...

yeah, i try not to think about college years but it never works because i realize that i'm getting older!!!!

oh well....have a nice day
James and the giant peach?
If you eat all that ice cream it will be Anali and the giant peach.
Tera said…
James and the Giant Peach...love that story!
Nance said…
just wanted to compliment you on the new blogheader! love it.
Anonymous said…
same here.very cool blog banner!
starry said…
love the new look and thanks for the links to all these cool food blogs.
Lotus Reads said…
Love the food blogs, there can never be too many!

Thanks for sharing Anali
Lisa Johnson said…
jennifer - I thought it was a cool name when I heard it too!

bipolarlawyercook - I will never understand why they picked that time for it either. That has bothered me for years!!! Oh now I'm aggravated by it all over again! I've never been there. It's easier to go to the ones in Boston and I live in Quincy. I should write a letter or something. Maybe I'll do a post...

big boys oven - It was so cool!! We could take pictures without worry or explanation! And everyone there understood why I wanted to take pictures of my food!! ; )

jac - I hope you check out the rest! Blog hopping is time consuming though.

aviana - It would be very difficult to not think about our college years. We learn so much and enter adulthood at that point. And as old as you may feel now, you are now the youngest you will ever be, so enjoy it!! In ten years you'll look back and say what was I thinking? I know, because I keep doing it!! ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
something from me - I started thinking about peaches and bought some. They are good too!

tera - It's funny how something random will trigger a memory. I hadn't thought about that book forever.

nance - Thank you!! It took a lot of work!

jennifer - Thank you! I'm getting into the black and white pictures now.

starry nights - Thank you and you're welcome! If anyone can make the rounds of all of them, I'm sure you'll do it!

lotus reads - You're welcome! One of the most fun things about blogging is finding other blogs!
Thanks for the list! You just introduced me to a couple more that I'll be checking out. Have a great weekend!
Lisa Johnson said…
susan - You're welcome! Enjoy yours too! ; )
Unknown said…
Hey hey! Thanks for the shout-out!

Lisa Johnson said…
brendan - You're quite welcome! ; )

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