Macoun v. Braeburn: The Results

Before I get to the taste test, let's look at some more pictures of fall here in Massachusetts. So pretty!

And now to the apples. I'm not a huge apple fan. I like them. I know they're good for me, but berries are really my fruit of choice.

But it's apple season. So I'm going with the flow. Both Macoun and Braeburn taste pretty good.

Ultimately, my vote has to go to Braeburn. Side by side, I noticed a clear difference in taste.

Braeburn apples are very sweet. And for someone with a sweet tooth like me, they hit the sweet spot perfectly. Next time I get some apples, I'm going for the Braeburns.

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Nance said…
Have you ever tried a Honeycrisp? Pure heaven, believe me. Make that your next apple to try.
PixieDust said…
My favorite is the ever popular granny smith - and not just for baking, I love the tartness. I even add lime and a little chili powder - yum!


I've never tried a braeburn. I wonder if I can get them here? We eat a lot of gala apples here.
Tracy said…
Beautiful apples! We don't have those here... but I can image the taste...mmm... Great with the taste test, Anali. :o) And so much enjoying these scenes of autumn in MA...*sigh*... Oh, and thanks for the J Q Adams Twitter link--fun!
Suldog said…
Have you ever tried Pink Lady apples? Very nice! I don't always see them at Stop & Shop, but can usually find them at an actual produce store. Very pretty apples, as well as sweet (they're a cross between golden delicious and a red variety I can't remember.)
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - How can there be so many apples that I've never heard of??!! I'm making a list of new apples to try and this is one of them. Thanks!

pixiedust - That sounds like quite a mouth puckering combination! : )

twenty four at heart - The Gala seem to be everywhere. Not sure about Braeburns. I guess you can ask around. I am curious to know if there is a regional thing happening though.

tracy - I'm glad you liked the link! I thought it was the coolest thing. Bringing history to twitter!

suldog - I feel like I've been living under a rock or something! I guess I'm very apple uninformed. : ) I'll have to look for them. They sound really good!

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