Apple + Yogurt Breakfast

Apple + Yogurt Breakfast
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It's fall. The trees are changing and apples are everywhere. There are so many different apples out there. I decided to experiment a bit.

Red + Gold Delicious, Gala, and Macintosh have become old hat. So I figured that I'd give Macoun and Braeburns a try.

I'll be blogging the results soon!

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Pam said…
Visting from SITS on Sharefest Saturday! Returning the comment love.

Gala apples are my absolute favorite. I really never eat anything else. But you've got me thinking that maybe I should broaden my horizons!
Nina said…
will you or have you gone to the apple orchard?
El said…
Good- I'm glad you're trying these. We bought so many apples I've had to eat them every morning for breakfast. I'm curious to hear what you think.
Live.Love.Eat said…
Good morning!!

I love Gala and the other name escapes me. Shoot. Oh well.

Thanks so much for sharing in my SITS last week!!!!!!
Tracy said…
I just love apple time now... your breakfast--so simple, so good. Happy Days, Anali :o) ((HUGS9)
Lisa Johnson said…
pam - Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I'm now realizing how many more apples there are to try. Variety is the spice of life!

nina - Unfortunately I haven't been to an apple orchard. I was hoping to this season, but it's not looking likely. What about you?

el - This taste test was fun! I'm going to try it again soon with some different apples. - Good afternoon! I'm so late responding to comments. I'm new to SITS, so it's been fun *meeting* so many new people.

tracy - It was a good one! I'm out of yogurt now and need to get some more. I seem to go through it really quickly. : )

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