Sometimes I'm Lucky

And I win stuff. I got lucky before and won some delicious jam.

Most recently I won a cookbook! Lori, from the wonderful blog The Recipe Girl, was contacted by the nice people at Rancho La Puerta Spa, who offered to give away their cookbook, Cooking with the Seasons, to one of her readers.

I remember reading Lori's post and thinking, "I really want that cookbook. This is exactly the kind of food that I want to eat."

When I found out that I won, I was so excited! It's the best feeling waiting to get something delivered. When I opened the box, there was a nice handwritten note from Aida congratulating me.

Thank you Aida, Rancho La Puerta, and Lori for the wonderful cookbook! I really appreciate it.

After looking through the cookbook, I baked some cookies right away. I had planned to show you a picture and give the recipe, but I just now realized that I didn't take one. G and I ate those cookies so fast, there was no time for photography. I guess I'll just have to make them again. Lucky me!

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Josephine said…
mmmm, cookies :)

i usually don't enter contests, but i entered one last week. i hope your luck rubs off on me!
RecipeGirl said…
You're welcome! Which cookies did you make? I haven't tried any of the cookie recipes yet.
Can-Can said…
It's always good to win something,isn't it, Cookie Monster?
Brandi Reynolds said…
it's going to be hard for me to concentrate on posts when I keep getting distracted by those cupcakes at the top of the page. I'll power through but I'm just sayin' :-)
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - Best of luck! :D

recipe girl - I made the the Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookies on page 155. So many great recipes!

can-can - You said it! I just made cookies today. An old standby, the World Peace Cookies.

brandi - LOL! : )
Congrats! It's fun to win. Now a spa vacation would have been nice! ;-) But, the cookbook sounds great, too.

I was very excited when I won a box of exquisite chocolates on Valentine's Day this year. :-)

Esme said…
Lucky you-what are you cooking us?
Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - OMG! Could I ever use a spa vacation! That would be amazing. Maybe one day. : )

esme - I baked cookies for you and then I was very rude and ate them! ; )

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