Flickr Friday - Jam

Pump up the jam! Remember that song? Loved it!

Not only can you pump it up, but jam has several other meanings and uses. You can jam by taking part in a jam session. You can get stuck in a traffic jam. You can jam your foot on the brakes, to avoid hitting the car in front of you, because you’re stuck in a jam. And of course, there is that delicious edible variety of jam that adds fruity goodness when spread on a scone or toast.

Why did I pick jam as the theme for this week? Well, I was lucky enough to win a contest on Zen Chef’s blog Chefs Gone Wild. What a nice surprise! If you love food or just like reading a blog written by someone with a great sense of humor, check out his blog.

What did I win? Three jars of homemade jam! Yum! I’ve only opened one jar so far and it's so good! Hopefully, I’ll figure out a way to cook or bake something interesting with these. So far I’ve just been using it on toast, but I’m enjoying it just the same.

Searching for jam on Flickr, there are pictures of all types of jams. I had no idea that so many people attended Pearl Jam concerts. Check out all these jam pictures on flickr and my faves too.

Also please check out my Guest Post today over at Gunfighter’s blog. There’s a new recipe up! Enjoy the weekend everyone!

*Updated 8/24/08* Who would think that listening to NPR would remind me of another one of my favorite "jam" songs? Teddy's Jam! They played it yesterday between segments while I was driving. I realized that I had to update this post. I burned some serious calories dancing to this tune back in the day.

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Suldog said…
Now, see, we come from different communities and different age groups. If I was going for a "jam" song, it would have been "Kick Out The Jams" by MC5.
So So Simple said…
HI Anali Popped onto Wild chef blog a fun read and great food.
Hope you are enjoying your prize?
Cynthia said…
I remember and loved that song :)

Congrats on winning and I like your use of the word in this post.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - I guess we all have our own "jam" song. I'm not familiar with MC5.

so simple - Yes, I'm enjoying it!

cynthia - Thank you! ; )
Suldog said…
Just for your edification, Anali...

Of course, I'm an old fart, so this is an old group!
Liz Dwyer said…
Oh yeah! Technotronic! Whatever happened to them?

My grandma used to make fabulous jam when I was little. Those little jars remind me of hers.
Mocha said…
Now I both want to hear that song and to eat some jam. Preferably, TOGETHER.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - Thanks for the interesting link! That song has been covered by a lot of people. I found a you tube video, but I don't remember ever hearing it.

los angelista - Another group that just faded away. I always hope that they saved their money. Glad to bring you nice memories of your grandma. ; )

mocha - Sounds like a sweet combo! :D

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