Chic Boston Hotels + Free Saturday Yoga

I couldn't resist this post. Via The Beantown Bloggery, I just read that another upscale Boston Hotel is having free yoga classes on Saturdays this summer.

Apparently the InterContinental Hotel is hosting a free one hour "Sunrise Yoga" class on their waterfront lawn. So for you early birds, there is a class starting at 7:30. I couldn't find any information on their website, but I called the hotel and confirmed it.

And as I stated on my last free Saturday yoga post, The Liberty Hotel is also offering free Saturday yoga classes, but starting at 10:00 am.

Sounds like the beginning of a trend to me. Who's next?

Maybe the Boston Harbor Hotel will start the afternoon yoga at 1:00? Could the eco-friendly Onyx Hotel do a 3:00? 5:00 at the Mandarin Oriental? Possibly a 7:30 "Sunset Yoga" class for singles to mix and mingle at Nine Zero?

Well, if any of this last part comes true, you saw it here first!

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vicki archer said…
I wish that craze for free yoga would hit here! xv
SE'LAH... said…
I'll have to check out one of those classes if I'm in the area.

I will share with others though.
Lisa Johnson said…
vicki archer - I hope it does too!

se'lah - I'm looking forward to trying one too. And thanks for spreading the word!

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