The Swine Flu & Winnie The Pooh

My friend ML emailed this to me and I had to share it. Who doesn't love Winnie The Pooh? Poor Piglet!

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S said…
Pooh's all talk. He would never actually hurt Piglet! He would just quarantine him for a few weeks.
Chris said…
You don't own a copy of the unfortunately named Cooking With Pooh???
SE'LAH... said…
I got this email too and was LOL!

Oh the swine flu...are people still talking about that?
Eva said…
Oh my gosh, I hadn't seen this one. Hilarious! Thank you for sharing!
That's very funny - and cute! : )
VERY un-Pooh-like ... see what all the media hype can do to a person ... uh, I mean bear. ;-)

I'll be sharing this one with others ... thanks!

Lisa Johnson said…
s - I think you're right!

chris - Oh goodness! Not a good name for a cookbook! That sounds like something from The Tonight Show's Headlines.

se'lah - The swine flu did seem to subside a bit. But I'm glad for the jokes!

grey street girl - Glad you liked it! And thanks for the blog shout out!

twenty four at heart - It was still adorable, even with the death threat. : )

shirley - LOL! :D
K. said…
LOL! Poor Piglet...
Lisa Johnson said…
kirti - I know! So sad! : )

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