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Remember 100 years ago, when I wrote an Earth Day post about visiting Arnold Arboretum with my Aunt J? Back then I said that I was going to write about where we went to eat. Well today, I'm finally getting to it.

You know what finally inspired me to write it? Yesterday, I received my AAA Newsletter in the mail. There's a wonderful article written by an "anonymous AAA lodging and restaurant inspector" known only as Inspector 70. Quite mysterious!

According to the description on the website, "she continues to travel to far-off places for fun. Some of her favorite experiences include drinking tea with geishas in Kyoto during the Plum Blossom Festival, snorkeling in the barrier reef around Grand Cayman, and climbing to the top of the pyramid in Chichen Itza. In addition, Inspector 70 knits a mean sweater." Inspector 70 sounds like quite the cool lady!

Well, I'm no Inspector 70, but I do have a suggestion on where to eat if you're visiting the Boston area. Especially if you're in Jamaica Plain taking a walk and enjoying the beauty of the Arnold Arboretum.

If you drive to Centre Street, which is not too far from the Arboretum, you can find metered parking on the street or turn down some of the side streets and find public parking lots and then just walk around.

So that's what we did. We wanted something really simple, casual, not too expensive, and someplace that neither of us had tried before.

We saw City Feed & Supply and immediately decided to go in.

They describe themselves as a "a small, neighborhood grocery/cafe catering to the Ped Set with a fine selection of natural foods, bread, bagels and pastry delivered daily, fair trade coffee, [and] local goods [....]"

I love this place! The store section was wonderful. I had run out of curry powder, so I was able to buy some here. They have a great selection of spices and all sorts of foods. Now this was a while ago, so I forgot what my Aunt J chose from the menu, but I had the Number 14, which is a smoked turkey sandwich with brie, and granny smith apple slices on foccacia. It was delicious and quite filling.

I also ordered an iced tea, which I enjoyed as well. Since I was thinking about using this meal as an Earth Day post, the Corn Cups, caught my attention.

They are compostable and made of corn. I wondered, "Why haven't I seen these cups in more places?" They seem to be a very earth friendly product. Is it the price? I'm not sure, but hopefully I'll start seeing more of them around.

Well, my Aunt J and I finished our meal, then put everything into the appropriate recycle bins, compost piles, and we called it a day.

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Eva said…
That sandwich looks divine!!! And, what a cool name for the restaurant. Yum!
Lisa Johnson said…
grey street girl - It was so good! And I loved the bright colors and the name too. We were really drawn in. : )
Very neat restaurant and great looking sandwich (I love Brie and rarely get it)!

As far as Inspector 70, I met two out of four criteria ... I've snorkeled off Grand Cayman several times and climbed the pyramid at Chichen Itza, but, sadly, I have not been to Kyoto and while I knit (but haven't in years), I don't knit sweaters. Inspector 70's life sounds like the making of a good television show!

Good and plenty said…
City Feed is a great store. I wonder if they sell the stainless steel resuable straws I've read about.
Lisa Johnson said…
good and plenty - I definitely have to go back there. I've never heard of those straws, but it does sound like something they might carry.

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