14 Things That I Love

1. Daffodils. That means Spring is coming.

2. A new sugar cookie recipe. Yum! With vanilla beans.

3. That people are still submitting their Obama Cakes to this blog.

4. This quote. “Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” - Rumi

5. Buds on trees. That means Spring is coming.

6. My flickr favorites. I'll be closing in on one thousand pictures soon.

7. This uplifting story about a woman who says that kindness will help the economy. And then she does her own mini-stimulus package.

8. Flowing streams and melting snow. That means Spring is coming.

9. It was sixty degrees this week and I walked to the library. Taking pictures along the way.

10. Lawyers taking a leap of faith and doing what they love.

11. A Taste Of Yellow is going to be a book.

12. New opportunities that I'm looking forward to.

13. The sun shines brighter and it stays lighter longer.

14. Spring is coming.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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Anonymous said…
14 things I love:

cute stickers
a cup of warm chinese tea
green tea shower gel touching my skin
dad's cooking
my acer mini laptop
seaweed with rice
colourful rainbow
daddy's little girl by michael buble
postcards from far away land
the jerk movie
sunflowers and daisies
ice cream from baskin robbins
lotsa scented candles
happy valentines to you too =D
Parisbreakfasts said…
Where ever did you find daffodils!?
I love the things you love
Lisa Johnson said…
vila dines - Awwww. Love your list! You just made my day. Hey, and your initials are the same as Valentine's Day! Have a happy one! :D

parisbreakfasts - I got these at Trader Joe's and I also saw them at Stop & Shop. I was SO excited when I saw them! ; )
FH said…
Thanks Anali. Happy V day to you too, I am sure you have got something nice planned today! Enjoy!

You are a nature lover like me, I see!!:)
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - Thank you! No plans on Valentine's Day unfortunately.

I do love getting outside and taking pictures whenever I can. Hopefully, there will be more warm days soon. ; )
shilpa said…
Great List!!! Happy slightly belated Valentines day!!
Lisa Johnson said…
shilpa - Thanks! And belated Happy Valentine's to you too! ; )

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