Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Plea For Votes!

Those votes are starting to trickle in. However, I could still use your help over the next couple of days. You'll need to register at the website in order for your vote to count. Click here to vote.

Here is the current state of the voting as of 11:40 am.

I'd go back for two (maybe three) scoops! 20 votes
Just one scoop, please. 11 votes
This isn't quite my flavor. 19 votes

Thank you for your support!

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starry nights said...

Anali I registered and sent in my vote for 2 scoops.

Anali said...

starry nights - Thank you soooo much!! : )

Lovebabz said...

Defintely 2 maybe 3 scoops for me! I registered and I voted!

Good luck!

Anali said...

lovebabz - Oh thank you, thank you!! : )

Ari (Baking and Books) said...

What a yummy sounding ice cream recipe! I'm off to vote for you, thanks for letting us know you'd entered the contest!

Tera said...

My vote has been cast!

Anali said...

ari - Thank you so much!

tera - I really appreciate the support!

So Simple said...

Whoops left it to late to vote.
How did you get on?

Anali said...

so simple - I didn't win. : ( I think my flavor was too plain and some people were put off by the soy.

I wish that the judging was based on a panel of judges making the ice cream then tasting it. Also, people seemed enthralled with very complicated flavors.

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